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Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 is exactly like Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Aqua Teen Hunger Force poster

Written by : published Monday 6th June 2011

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     Looking forward to the start of the new season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force? It's already four episodes in, but it may have fooled you, as it is now airing under the title Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1. Besides the theme song, the two shows, both part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, is identical. While some reports seemed to point to a return to the detective work shown very early in on the series and not since, this premise is quickly abandoned in the first of the new batch of episodes, too. Which means the same familiar formula that has kept the animated comedy on the air since 2000 prevails, and fans will not be disappointed. We may have seen the last of Dr. Weird (C. Martin Croker) , if the word scrools prior to episodes can be believed, but other than that, nothing has changed.


     Last night's episode, "Freedom Cobra," finds Master Shake (Dana Snyder) doing all her can to pick up girls in the park, including getting a vicious attack dog. When none of the ladies passing by pay his any attention, he insists to Meatwad (Dave Willis) that they are all lesbians. Yep, every single one of them. Then he sees a guy with a tattoo getting action, so he heads to the parlor and wants the best ink $3-$5 can buy. The artist gives him a Freedom Cobra wrapped around a sword. Shake is not tipped off by the fact that the thing must be installed during a lightning storm, and so is surprised when the Cobra comes to live and demands to eat people. Putting Shake in a trance state, the Cobra consumes first the dog, then neighbor Carl (Willis). As it eats, it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Frylock's (Carey Means) solution, a laser tattoo removal doctor, can do nothing.

     Aqua has a history of treading into gross territory, but it surprisingly avoids that in this episode until the very end. Could definitely have done without the laser doctor shooting blood all over Shake as he gestures and explains the plastic surgery that has been done after feeding Freedom Cobra his hands. As the blood spurts into Shake's unnoticing mouth, I admit to squirming a little.

     Most of the episode is very funny. From Shake trying to pick up girls in the rain, to wanting a tattoo that blatantly states a message, spelled out, in English, to his killing of a not-getting-it Carl, the story dances around sex and murder without actually showing them, thank goodness. Who knows how intercourse even works for a giant milk shake? Is anyone really curious to find out? Instead, the episode hints at a lot, and plays on Shake's insecurities, which have provided fodder for many an episode.

     Surely next week the Cobra will be gone, despite the episode ending with Shake still on a killing spree. And Carl will be back alive. Aqua doesn't need to come up with fancy dream sequences or anything. It has ventured into such game-changing plots before, simply to back off and pretend they never happen in the following installment. Perhaps one day the series will deal with that and explain it, perhaps in a series finale, but given the show has been on the air since 2000, and it's still delivering stories often as good as earlier seasons, that doesn't appear to be in the cards anytime soon.

     Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1, formerly known as Aqua Teen Hunger Force, airs Sunday nights at 11:45 p.m. on Cartoon Network.

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