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Law & Order Los Angeles- Plummer Park- recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 7th June 2011

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A nice Russian man living in Southern California says goodbye to his two sons. Then he is found after police shoot two men who leave the car running outside. The Russian man is a corpse getting bleached in the bathtub. Two LAPD cops find him and TJ and Winters review the grisly scene. They find duct tape and a kidnapping setup in the bathroom.

Soon Winters and TJ find that a mastermind was watching the whole crime go down from a Town Car. The two men murderers who were shot are flagged by Homeland Security. The review the videotape. The visas point to a club in a rented building. They go through the mail and find a cable bill to a Laurel Canyon address. Winters and TJ find a house set up for a kidnapping with a shallow grave.

They investigate the receipts found in the house and find evidence of another woman kidnapped too. She is from Russia as well. The chess board in the house suggests to Winters the Russians in Plummer Park. The discover the two men were casing the park looking at women. One woman in particular, Mrs Ackroyd is missing.


Winters and Rex case the house and see the husband looking nervous staying home. TJ pretends to be a deliveryman and shows Mr. Ackroyd his badge. The daughter and uncle are also in the house. The man says he has to leave they are waiting. The Lieutenant suggests that they pick up the daughter for truancy to give them a chance to get the story. They do, and she emails the video the kidnappers sent.


TJ notices a distinct suit on the man in the kidnapping video and finds a mailer taken from the club. They find the tailor and he calls the customer while the police triangulate the cellphone signal. TJ and Winters find another pair of Russians with the kidnapped woman. They rescue her and return her to her husband and daughter. But later they refuse to press charges. Mrs. Ackroyd's family in Russia is wealthy.


The house was in shambles so Winters requests forensics. They find evidence the house was forced open. There is a mysterious fingerprint found in the uncle's room. The FBI  says the thumbprint is a national security matter. Uncle Andre is the espionage handler wanted for decades. Who are the Ackroyds? Canadian immigration records show Ackroyd was buried in 1989. No marriage was ever recorded.


The investigators realize the sleepers were the targets of the kidnap plots. When Winters and TJ bust the spy house the daughter Mila is stunned but Winters conducts her from the house from family services. At the police HQ Mila does not want to go to a foster family.


Dekker wants the "Ackroyd"  pair to testify in the kidnapping case.  They were sent to the US to get information now freely available online. They are not a national security threat. But the FBI  says they can send the Ackroyds to Russia in a trade for the return of an American spy. This leaves Dekker with no witnessses for the kidnapping trial.


Dekker says the trial is two months away. This means they have leverage for a week. Dekker offers the Russian kidnappers a 25 to life deal. They sense his desperation and want deportation to Cuba. Dekker rushes the hearing to get the case made.


Dekker says that the court only has two days to give testimony. The defense calls Mila Ackroyd. Mila says that her mother saw the kidnapper men in her kitchen. But Dekker questions the girl in private.  She lied thinking her parents woud stay in jail in America.

The men screwed up Liebergal (The first Russian victim) and she wished they had never gone into business. Dekker detects that if her parents are in jail in the USA she does not have to go back with them. The Ackroyds read the record and can't believe Mila said they masterminded the kidnapping. They make deal to emancipate her and go back to Russia themselves. They become emotional because Mila was the one thing that was real.

As Dekker watches the Ackroyds get on the jet Mila shows up and kisses them goodbye.


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