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Friday Night Lights- Perfect Record-recap

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Written by : published Sunday 5th June 2011

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The Sammy Meade talk radio show that discusses the Dillon football rivalry says a website has posted the mug shots and offence charges of the East Dillon players. This is the upcoming crosstown rivalry beteeen East Dillon Lions and the high school Taylor used to coach at, the Dillon Panthers. Buddy shows up with coolers and folding chairs to watch the field before the oil rig trophy game.


Taylor says for the Colonel to take the gun away. Lion-haters.com has the snarky message.

TMU gives Vince' father a lot of brand new athletic stuff from TMU but Vince can't accept them. Vince' father Mr. Howard waffles about whether or not Vince points out that Taylor will be upset with the recruiting issues. Jess is alarmed to see Vince's father has moved in permanently. Vince's mother is on cloud nine. But the website says East Dillon is full of violent criminals.


The website names names. Notably this features Vince and several others for trivial and minor offences, but the radio show paints the East Dillon High School players and thugs. Eric Tayor is incensed and demands in person to Meade that the pictures be taken off the website. Meanwhile Tami tries to talk Julie into going back to college.

Cafferty gets close to Becky but her memories of the abortion stop them from getting close. Billy Riggins continues to get wrapped up in his personal style of coaching. But Coach Tayor gets a call from a college that wants him to be head coach. Eric Taylor gracefully turns him down but the man says he'll call back. Taylor is surprised Shane State wants him as head coach and the man says Taylor is the best high school coach in the nation.


Eric meets former player Jason Street, now quadriplegic (from Season 1) who is now married with a baby and is a sports agent. Eric is happy for him and says how can he send him something if he doesn't know he got married. Street says thank you for the red East Dillon hat, but blue (Panthers) is really the color Streets wear.
The firm is a big time player in the sports game. Street says people are talking about "kingmaker" Eric Taylor. Street says he gets a call a day about Taylor. Colleges want him but Taylor says his family, wife, home and undefeated record make a nice life.
Tami gives Julie school dropoff and pickup duties until she does something with her time. Tami makes a phone call to the school about not letting the semester at college go down the drain. Taylor is astonished when the website is till up. Tami decides they need to throw a big barbecue to get morale up. Tami puts Julie in charge.
Taylor is furious that the website was launched, and addresses the players. Taylor says the players should be angry because that was the purpose of the website. He asks them to focus on strategy and then Friday night punish the other team. Taylor tells Vince that none of the website stuff will harm his scholarship chances. Vince says to Taylor none of it will matter to the colleges that really wants him.
Jess wants to attend summer sports camp at Baylor and needs a recommendation letter from Coach Taylor. Jess is shocked when he asks her to write up a letter and put it on his desk. Taylor ends up getting on the phone for her.
Vince tells his father that he is playing with a stacked deck. Vince is afraid TMU deleted his number off their phone. But Mr. Howard has their cellphone numbers and reads off the area codes. Alabama Florida and Oklahoma still want Vince because Mr. Howard was on the phone all day saying TMU wants to give him a scholarship. Howard says all the scouts are coming to the game Friday night. Mr. Howard suggests a 60-yard throw but Vince says Taylor calls the plays. Vince's father says he won't let him fall.
At the barbecue Vince's father gets phone calls he cant take with Coach standing there. Taylor approaches Mr. Howard and says all these colleges are calling him asking about tickets for the game Friday night. (This is their way of letting Taylor know back channel deals are in play).

Buddy Junior gets injured with a hairline fracture when Riggins absorbs a practice with  a Samoan war dance. Buddy Garrity is stunned that in the middle of an undefeated season his own son has to sit out the game. Buddy Junior understands what he is missing.


Vince's father has started to interfere in the football scholarship arrangements and Taylor keeps one eye on the practice and one eye on Vince's father in the stands. Jason Street listens to the over-the-top chatter that comes out of Mr. Howard's mouth. Coach Tayor grills Jess about whether or not Vince is getting messages from TMU. Vince hangs around his father and Street but Vince's father starts shouting out to Taylor during practice mocking Taylor.


Taylor reiterates that they agreed everything was going to come through the coach. Vince's father changes he deal. As Vince looks on, Taylor hears Vince's father take pre-eminence over Vince's career. Mr. Howard says that they have plans for the future. Taylor realizes the crossroads is over, and Vinces future is in the hands of an ex-con.


Riggins gives Cafferty dating advice. He puts Riggins through the kettlebell/propane tank workout with Becky and Mindy bond with the staff of the strip parlor. Riggins gives Cafferty green sludge power drinks. Riggins make up a boxing dummy names Larkins in the image of the Dillon Panthers receiver. Cafferty starts knocking the hell out of the boxing dummy.
At the barbecue Vince's mother says how happy she is that Vince and his dad are doing so well. Jess realizes the woman has no idea the seriousness  of how Vince's career hangs in the balance. Meanwhile Becky gets standoffish treatment from Cafferty (following Riggins' theory).


Tami Taylor tells her husband she will be missing the big game to go to Burlson College to get Julie's books. Taylor says Julie is crawling back in the womb. Tami comes face to face with Derek Bishop, the teaching assistant. Tami is massively uncomfortable. He asks after Julie and Tami gets the independent study and leaves.
At home, she gives the books to a startled Julie. Tami tells her daughter to end it, to do whatever she has to do.


At the big game, the East Dillon Lions punish the Panthers badly. Vince is riding high and Mr. Howard is enjoying being the center of attention with the scouts in the stands.


Taylor is not amused that Vince is showing some of his father's attitude. Cafferty nails Larkins and the whole Lions team displays a power with showboat plays by Vince and massive hits by Cafferty. But the other coach, Taylor's former assistant coach at Dillon, looks disappointed in Taylor for letting the game get so rough.
Even the East Dillon assistant coach screams at Taylor to stop the madness. He says "That's not Wh We Are" . Trash talking and penalties and the final pass turn the sentiment against Coach Taylor.
But at the final, Eric tells the crew to take a knee in victory formation but Vince throws a 60 yard pass, stunning the other coach and making Street wince. Jess, Taylor, and even Riggins are shocked. Taylor yells at Vince while the entire team screams in victory in the locker room. Vince yells that his father is looking out for him.
After the game, the assistant coach won't look Taylor in the eye and won't go for the victory drink. An unhappy Taylor goes otuside to see Vince and his father talking to yet another scout. Taylor glares at both of them and gets in the truck. They make no move to introduce him to the coach. Taylor drives off, furious.
Becky corners Luke on his weird behavior. They admit they like each other but then they kiss. The he says that it worked.


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