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The Lost Cities of Ancient Egypt

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Written by : published Monday 18th July 2011

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Do you love all things Ancient Egypt? Then prepare for a journey that willl go back in time to the days of this ancient civilisation. Most people would probably believe that most of Ancient Egypt has already been discovered. Yet in the programme it is revealed that 99% of this ancient civilisation remains buried under the sand. Using images from recently developed satellite techonology, archaelogists are able to reveal that vast areas of Ancient Egypt have yet to be discovered. For thousands of years they have remained buried under the sands.


The programme follows the journey of Dr Sarah Parcak as she travels to Egypt to find out if her technology actually works. Presenters Dallas Campbell and Liz Bonnin embark on their own journeys through this fascinating country. As expected from a progamme about Egypt, it featuers a wide arrary of stunning scenery shots. The most breathtaking moments of the programme are when Dr Parcak reveals what is hidden beneath the sands. The presenters look on in amazement as what appears to be pyramids and lost setttlements are unveiled by the technology.


Dr Sarah Parcak travles across the desert to prove the validity of her technology. Along the way she discovers the remains of stone tools used by the ancestors of Ancient Egypt. Even more exciting is the discovery of hand prints on the walls of a cave in the desert. It is trul fascinating viewing when she reveals that the handprints were made approximately 8,000 years ago.


The presenters travel around Egypt visiting various sites of Ancient Egypt, Many of the structures have now disappeared, but the programme uses digital software imagery to recreate the monumental structures. The images are recreated in all their glory. This programme brings Ancient Egypt back to life.

For anyone who loves Ancient Egypt, this is certainly the documentary for you. The programme makes for fascinating viewing and it is entertaining as well as informative. It is a superb educational documentary for children to learn about Ancient Egypt. It is remarkable to think that over 99% of this fascinating ancient civilisation is yet to be discovered.

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