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A Shocking Documentary About Female Paedophiles

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Written by : published Wednesday 1st June 2011

A Shocking Documentary About Female Paedophiles main image

Recently aired on Channel 4, this is one of the most shocking documentaries of the year. The programme takes a look at the police investigation into a paedophile network ring that included former nursery worker Vanessa George. The story came to light in 2009 and it shocked the whole nation.


The documentary chronicles the police investigation and how the evil paedophile ring was eventually smashed. This interesting documentary also includes recorded interviews from the paedophiles themeselves. The most harrowng interview comes from the husband of Vanessa George, who gives his own personal viewpoint about the events. It is a very emotional interview, as he reveals his shock at the actions of his wife. The taped interviews from Colin Blanchard and Vanessa George also  provide an interesting insight into the reasons behind their disgusting actions. However the cold nature of Vanessa George is shown in full light when she replies 'no comment', when asked questions by the police.


An interesting aspect of the programme is when the husband of Mrs George provides an insight into his relationship with her. His comments show a different side of her, which therefore makes it hard to believe that she turned out to be a child abuser.


The documentary chronices how Colin and the others met and interacted with each other, to how they ended up taking part in the abuse of innocent children. Towards the end of the documentary there are shocking comments from one of the female paedophiles. Watching this part of the documentary makes for uncomfortable  viewing.


Programmes about paedophiles are never nice to watch, but this documentary makes for interesting viewing. Perhaps the programme is easier to watch as we now know that the suspects have been caught and are in prison. The programme is disturbing but also interesting at the same time.

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