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Series 8 Episode 3 "Time on Our Hands"

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Written by : published Tuesday 31st May 2011

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Only Fools and Horses is a classic English comedy. The actors have great chemistry and great comedic timing. It is a comedy that appeals to all ages.


The specific episode “Time on Our Hands” which was aired in 1996 and part of series 8 (the penultimate series) sees Del Boy and Rodney achieve their dream of becoming millionaires, after the Father of Raquel (Del Boy’s partner) finds a watch and takes a great interest in it.

On a whole the episode contains many elements to make us laugh, even to this day.

From the outset of this episode we do now know good news that is going to be revealed to us.


It starts with Del Boy trying too hard to impress Raquel’s parents, and as an audience you already know something is going to happen, you just do not know what. Then the character of Uncle Albert, whom is mainly there to add that extra bit of humour, mixes up the coffee and the gravy. When it comes to eating the meal, people politely try and say that do not like the food, causing laughter because they are not aware of what has happened in the kitchen. The laughter continues when Del Boy pours the complete contents of the gravy boat onto Uncle Albert’s plate (which is actually the coffee), the guests all look confused, as again they are not aware of the mix up.


Then the writers have once again created a gem of a line when Raquel says that she is going to get the coffee, because as an audience we know that it is not coffee at all, in fact it is gravy.The scene itself is made even funnier with the facial expressions and delivery of the lines by the entire cast involved.

Following this comes the discovery of the antique watch. In this scene Del Boy’s ignorance is what creates the humour, but even then as an audience we do not get out hopes up for the Trotter family because we know that they never seem to get what they want (i.e. they never become millionaires).


There are three iconic scenes in this episode, all relating to the selling of the watch that was found in the garage.

The first of these scenes being when Del Boy faints at the amount of money that the watch is going for, then this is mirrored when Rodney faints a little later on as the amount gets higher. But the best by far has got to be when the total amount is revealed. Del Boy and Rodney count to 3 and then go crazy, a wide shot of the car is shown and it is rocking, creating instant humour! As an audience we also share in their happiness, because from the moment we were introduced to these characters we fell in love with them, and wished that their dream of becoming rich would come true, and now it has. Sitting at home, watching this episode it is hard to not join in with the cast when they start clapping in unison to congratulate them on their success.


To conclude this, as with every other episode of Only Fools and Horses we as an audience are spoiled with the high amounts of emotions that include humour, sadness and happiness. The writers write in such a way that one minute you are close to tears of sadness, and the next they have you crying with laughter. This is not an easy thing to achieve, but they execute it perfectly. 

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I am a 20 year old student who is currently studying Journalism and Media Studies at the University of Huddersfield.

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