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Law & Order Los Angeles-Angel's Knoll- recap

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Written by : published Friday 27th May 2011

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A bridegroom busts up his best man George Patrick hitting on his fiancee. The next day the bridegroom and the father of the bride find the best man dead in the bathtub with his family jewels cut off. He was cut by champagne glass. TJ and Morales find out he was borrowing money nightly from a casino loanshark. He worked as a casino floor manager. He needed money for the woman in his life but expected a big score soon that would pay off a hundred large. TJ and Morales suspect George was going to hit the casino.

The dead best man’s only woman in his life is a schoolteacher. The woman who tells them about him and the casino pawnbrokers dated him a few times and is a third grade teacher. George was maxed out on his credit cards. The pawnbroker says that he leveraged casino access to the loansharks in expectations of a big payoff. They find a boat in Costa Rica and a house to be paid off in two weeks. The picture of the boat says “Teachers Pet’.

But her background is the daughter of a famous crook who swindled hedge fund people out of their life savings (like Bernie Madoff). They check her apartment and find laminating equipment and Internet routers and discarded Beretta pistol grips. She works part time as an armored car driver and that night is driving. She holds up the routers printing the reports and then disappears with $1.5 million.

Beth the teacher steals the armored car full of cash. But the phone calls are traced to Folsom California, a medium security prison. They find the empty truck and they review the exit sidewalk footage from the security cameras off the street. George rented the garage the truck was left in. Morales sees a woman in a wheelchair he thinks was Beth. TJ found a receipt for a medical supply company about the right price of the wheelchair.

The Park N Ride camera shows Beth getting into the car. Her brother Mr. Rathman is a lawyer and realizes Liz used her car. Charles Kennedy is a big time criminal lawyer and another call to Joseph Silman in Folsom. He is captain of the guard in A block in Folsom. TJ and Morales fly up to Folsom because they suspect Elizabeth will use the cash to break someone out of prison.

Silman has three kids and a wife with Multiple Sclerosis. TJ and Morales stake out the diner that night after TJ gets a notification Beth is traveling north to the prison. They see Beth in disguise hand off a cash bribe to Silman. But the cash is found in her hotel room. The CDC inmate she was going to bust out was a famous swindler, Walter Calvin. Elizabeth is his daughter.

Dekker accuses the inmate Calvin of shaking down his daughter using video of him with bruises.He needed to give her motivation for fresh cash. The guard turns and says the man liked the good life in prison. A prostitute confesses to conjugal visits for $5,000 each. The prisoner Calvin says that more was on the way. Dekker and Rubirosa decide Calvin claimed the missing $30 billion Calvin swindled was hidden.

Hairs from George Patrick’s hotel room match Beth. Calvin’s daughter Beth says she won’t rat out her father to sell him out. The attorney Kennedy shows a wire transfer with the bank of Madagascar on it. The thought of recovering the missing money has the Feds sniffing around.

Calvin turns down a suspended sentence for cooperation. He wants a transfer to a minimum security prison. Dekker refuses the country club prison offer and Calvin says he doesn’t know about the murder of the man in the bathtub. Rubirosa and Dekker listen to the brother say how  Beth was always daddy’s girl. The middle brother Alex committed suicide.

Rubirosa finds the same bank account number on the bank of Madagascar transaction for Calvin’s wife’s condominium in Bermuda purchased twelve years ago. This creates the illusion the money is still accessible. Rubirosa is furious to find out Calvin’s wife knows the Madagascar bank is a ruse an one of Calvin’s old friends.

Calvin says Elizabeth said the best man was disgusting, but the recording the attorney produces shows she wanted to kill him herself. Calvin turns on his daughter for the lessened sentence.

Beth won’t turn on her father. Dekker says that he sold her out for a larger cell and a softer mattress. Elizabeth says her father carried her for 15 miles from Yosemite in the rain when she was little. Dekker and Rubirosa decide that the prostitute killed George and Silman is just using a murder rap on his daughter to get to a country club prison.

At allocution, Dekker pretends he never made the deal and sends the crook to Supermax.


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