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Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior- Girl in the Blue Mask - Recap

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Written by : published Friday 27th May 2011

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A man staggers to a wilderness  campsite, his face half sliced off. The two campers run screaming and the man later dies. The Criminal Minds unit converges on the campsite of the man, who was an ex-army veteran with two tours overseas. The Quantico officer says that Coop as a former Marine is just who they want on the job because he was embedded twice in Afghanistan. Simms wonders how he could be that hurt and nobody noticed. Rawson says the campsite indicates rational thought, and Coop frames the attack as coming at night.

A cooler is found that does not belong to the victim and they realize the killer is trying to take the skin for some surgical reason. LaSalle is caught up in a situation with her family where her sister is being indoctrinated into another patristic, male-based law enforcement agency. She tells Beth that her father always spoke of her sister as the smart one and she was the pretty one. Garrett points that what fathers have to say can leave  a psychological mark.

The group theorize this was a botched attempt at some kind of surgery. They think the army man was drugged to sleep because of post traumatic stress disorder from the war and so the unsub could get him unawares. Minute traces of pant are found where the hands and fingers came in contact with the flap of skin. Trace of paint and debris are found.

Another victim is found, with the same skin sliced off the face. The unsub cruises a jogging woman in the park and then electrocutes her. This is a young girl. A doctor tells the investigators that skin transplants in this kind of situations are extremely difficult under the best of circumstances. The crew posits that a young girl is the intended surgical target and that the unsub needs to practice before the main event. LaSalle and Garrett discuss how the young girl might be a sister or daughter.

A the same time, the unsub returns home to a secluded place where the young girl is dressed in a blue face mask and locked in. He says she doesn’t need to go out, the world is evil. He says he will fix everything and she has a big birthday coming up. He goes to a cake ship and orders a cake specifically for ‘Kristianna”. He complements the clerk on her lovely skin.

Meanwhile the team find out that the jogger heard the man say “he promised”. They psychoanalyze the man and why he is trying to replace someone’s face. La Salle pulls away from Cooper’s method of sympathizng with the unsub to catch the killer because she finds what he is doing is repulsive. Cooper talks to her to resolve her perception of patristic authority acting in a manner she fears and resolves it with her need to take part in their investigation under his leadership.

Their search leads them to a taxidermist. He resists in an armed manner the team but then reveals a man tried to take courses from him to stitch up animals but wanted to know where to find little pigs. He said he would trade for a custom paint job. Coop realizes that this is the unsub because the skin of humans is very similar to handle. The unsub is teaching themselves to perform the surgery.

Back at the unsub’s premise, the girl tries the three digit combination on the door lock and gets out. The workshop of the killer is there with scraps of dried blood and carcasses. The girl finds stitched up pig snouts in the closet and freaks out. When the man returns he is furious to know she got out. The young girl is upset about the pigs dying and grossed out.

The cake shop clerk is surprised when the unsub comes up behind her after hours, insisting he needs the cake now. When she turns to pen the shop, he electrocutes her with a tazer gun and carries her off. She wakes up tied and crying on the unsub’s work table. The grisly blades don’t leave much to the imagination.

Back at the cake shop, the mother of the abducted girl realizes a special order cake is missing. She tells the agents the name and the computer researcher finds a record of an abducted teenager of that name. At the unsub’s house, the young girl is told by her father he always keeps his promises and that he never drank again since that night.

The men on the team have been babysitting the armed taxidermist until police an come and take him into custody. They learn by phone the details of the cake maker’s abduction. Coop says that the paint means he was a specialty painter, and they consolidate records of parents with abducted children with that profession.

They ask Penelope to find the man, whose daughter was taken from him by his ex-wife after repeated assaults. The father stole her back and changed his name. Her father took her to an emergency room a year ago and the patient, a young girl, told the doctors her father pushed her face into a fire saying she looked like her mother. But he left with the daughter before police got there.  Penelope doesn’t contact the mother.

Coop asks the researcher to look for specialty painters living in the area doing fine custom paint jobs like the chemicals suggest and find only one. The assumption is that the girl is being held against her will or for some other reason out of school and a social network. At the unsub’s, the panicking victim and the upset daughter are making the unsub angry.

They find the premises just as the girl in the blue mask is pleading with her father not to kill the girl and do the “surgery”. He gets led away and the group confront the situation with the  girl in the mask. After the armed men leave, and LaSalle makes Coop leave, they get the girl to take off the mask and let the medics look at her horrible disfigurement. To their amazement her skin is perfect, because the father gave her creams and ointments to heal it after the visit to the hospital. The girl is dazed to realize she never even needed surgery, it was the father’s guilt that painted her as ugly and in need of “repair”.



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