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Season 1 Episode 1 Geordie Shore review

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Written by : published Wednesday 25th May 2011

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Aye man, it’s the Geordies time to show us what they’re made of. The debut series of Geordie shore has just started and it’s “in there like swimwear”.


The new series is a spin off from original series Jersey Shore which hit huge success in America and the UK through MTV. Geordies already have a reputation as party starters out on the town so it is only right to turn Jersey into Geordie.


 The cast straight away were bubbling with Geordie stereotype: fake tan, muscles and a little amount of clothing. The eight of them, four lads and four lasses, are all living together topped up with booze, hot tubs and a secret shack, which you will most definitely find out what it’s for when you watch it.


 In this episode the group gets to know each other and decide who will sleep in which rooms. The boys have an almost instant friendship with some actually recognizing each other, but there seems to be one left out referred to as the ghost (simply because he is a Geordie without a fake tan). The girls don’t bond straight away with a few debates on whether one of them should be in the show as she is from Middlesborough, which is classed as smoggy territory. With the booze being downed in no time at all there are already disputes about whether some can handle their drink, and some of the girls are not happy about it.


 There’s a lot of big personalities in the house so there’s guaranteed conflict. It’s basically a carefully picked big brother cast with unlimited alcohol, and big personalities and alcohol are the perfect combination for a wild reality show, (well what America likes to call reality shows).


 If you’re a fan of Big Brother I can’t guarantee that this will float your boat as there is a nagging suspicion that most of it is set up. However, if you’re the type that can’t get enough of My Super Sweet 16th, MADE and The Hills you can’t go wrong, I would definitely recommend Geordie Shore.


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