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The Event-The Arrival - recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 24th May 2011

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Layla and Sean wait for the CDC personnel to take her. Layla looks ill. Sean says she can fight the virus with her alien DNA. Layla says for Walker to find Sam and make sure she is OK.  The CDC personnel arrive just after she passes out.

Blake Sterling calls Martinez with the results of the laptop search. Simon and Vicki analyze the alien plan with him. The Spanish Flu pathogen will be unstoppable if even one of them gets contaminated. The engraving and printing bureau, Dulles airport, and the food distribution plant are the Spanish Flu canister targets. Martinez says Jarvis is contesting his power.


Richard Peale's Chief of Staff can process contained operations at the plant and the engraving bureau. Sterling tells Sean, Vicki, and Simon they must go to the Dulles Terminal themselves. Sterling says they need to get the canisters or Sophia will just hand them off to another target.


Martinez tells Jarvis about the planned attacks. Martinez is very weak. Jarvis says he negotiated a peace treaty. Jarvis does not believe the threat. Martinez offers a trade to only tell the cabinet about his second assassination. Martinez gets weaker as Jarvis speaks confidently that he will be upheld by the vote. Jarvis says Martinez has no proof.


Jarvis runs to his office and call the alien leader. He tells Sophia that Martinez knows about the virus. He demands to know if this is true. Jarvis is told by Sophia there will be a new world order under his guiding hand. She says she chose him because of his strength and power. Sophia is lying.


Sophia tells Carlos to pull over. They experience a storm and then Sophia tells Carlos the portal array broke open a crack in the fabric of space. Reports of weird earthquakes and freakish events are on the news from around the world.
Volcanis activity at the base of Mount Shasta threaten an eruption while Cristina mixes Martinez's pills. Peale and Martinez talk over the crisis. Cristina gives Martinez his medicine. She says if he does not rest he can die.


Sterling Simon Vicki and Sean get to Dulles. Carlos and Sophia have already handed off their bags to a pilot who get the canisters through the security checkpoint. Sophia and Carlos stand in liine as if they are going on flights. Sophia is stopped for a random check. The plan is to meet up in baggage Claim area 3.


Sterling and Simon talk to the guard at the personnel door. Blake identifies himself as NSA advisor but the guard still wants to see an ID. Blake instead  pulls a gun and asks if the man came through the door. The guard says yes and they proceed through. later Sophia and Carlos come through the same door using the card key the pilot, Delgado gave them.

At the engraving bureau, the containment teams shut down the alien crew. Devon calls Sophia while she is being searched but she can't answer the phone. When she can, she finds out that Aaron and Devon have been overcome and their missions aborted. Sophia tells Carlos and Delgado to rush and release the virus as soon as possible.

At the White House, Martinez struggles to be well enough to continue. Peale says the biohazard team contained the canister leak at the food plant and the engraving bureau attack was shut down. But as Martinez and Peale enter the vote chamber, Martinez' vision goes blurry and he passes out on the floor.

Jarvis then waits and tells Madam Speaker they must adjourn the meeting. The Speaker begins to formally reject Martinez's request to be reinstated because he can't show up, but then he walks in the door with Peale and Cristina (who holds him up). But Jarvis then distributes dossiers proving he left the hospital too early and that Martinez is very ill and possibly touched in the brain by serious illness and not fit to preside.

Simon and Blake start shooting at Delgado with the canisters in the baggage area. Simon Lee is hurt by gunfire twice and Blake sees Delgado takes the canisters in an elevator. Lee is hurt but some of the shot got blocked. Sterling phones Sean Walker and tells him and Vicki where the canisters are being moved with a description of Delgado.

Delgado gets shot by Vicki, and Carlos guards Walker and Vicki while Sophia gets away with the canisters. Walker runs for Sophia and follows her through th airport. Sophia runs into an empty boarding lounge and closes and locks it. She works quickly to program the canisters and get them running to spread the plague.
Walker finds Sophia at the same time Martinez is beign denounced as crazy by Jarvis in front of the staff. Elias shoves a minirecorder on the table of the reinstatement meeting. Jarvis explodes and blusters as his voice is heard clearly. The voters are shocked to hear Jarvis discuss working with Sophia, counteropposing and poisoning Martinez and lying about his government activities performd on Sophia's behalf.


The heads of state are massively upset and shocked. In the uproar Peale tells them all to shut up. Martinez tells them about the deadly virus at the airport and says Jarvis wouldn't act but shouts for immediate action. He struggles to ask for the vote. Jarvis shouts how crazy he is.

Sean stands outside where Sophia is activating the canisters and  is told by Vicki that the containment forces have been activated by the reinstated President Martinez. At the White House, Elias cancels all the flights. Peale asks what should be done with Raymond Jarvis. Martinez says "Who?"

Walker is told by Vicki the airport is on lockdown. He shouts for Sophia to stop, that she told him when they met that this was not the way she used to be. Sean acknowledges that Sophia was forced by circumstances and by pain to do what was necessary. But Sean says there is no benefit to her people to killing everyone in the airport.

Sophia shouts that her son didn't have to die, the people on the buses didn't have to die either. Sean agrees but says she can stop it. Sean tells Sophia that Simon told her what happened and that the other virus attacks have been contained and that only the people still in the airport will be murdered.

Sophia turns the device off and comes out of the lounger and is grabbed by the containment forces. But after she is taken away, everyone is scanned for contamination. Simon tells Sean is that this isn't over.

Simon Lee tells Sean that their people were on Earth first. Earth was their home. They left because they did not want to harm the humans. Lee says that they left because something dangerous will happen to them on Earth and they will change. it is a rebirth, a next step for their people. They will evolve into something greater but humans won't survive it.


Sean says change into what? Simon merely says that this transformation is called "The Event". The secrets are hidden in the manuscript about what they are and about how this all ends. Blake says to Lee they are needed in the White House.


Blake returns to the Martinez-led White House and joins Peale and the President in the Oval Office with Simon Lee. Blake discusses the portal array Thomas built and Blake directs the satellite over an area of Asia Jarvis had avoided. Martinez has to apologise to the Chinese Premier for this. They see the portal array, which gives off a huge electromagnetic signature. Martinez is wide eyed at the size of the array, visible from space.


Layla is visited by the doctor who says Sean was successful in containing the virus outbreak and that they found something else in her lab results. Before going into see her, Vicki says goodbye to him. She says that she was brought into the fight against her will but now her son and family are safe due to him. She gives him a big hug (she has feelings for him) and watches him walk away.


As`Sophia is brought to the Oval Office the mood is tense. Simon Lee has told them everything he knows. But Sophia says bringing her people can't be stopped, which is why the array is glowing. Sophia says her attempt to make room for 2.5 billion people was the humane solution. (She is referencing The Event). She smiles and say now it won't be so pretty.


Layla tells Sean she is pregnant. Sean is stunned but says they will both be fine. More than fine. (Perhaps Layla looks so ill and has a hard time with the virus because she is pregnant). Sean tells Layla he loves her. But then a bright light appears in the sky and a rumbling is felt.


They rush outside and watch the planet arrive burning in the atmosphere, and various scenes around the world show the planet visible from the night sky over the Eiffel Tower, London, and New York. Gerard has done his job and the array delivered their world.


In the back yard of the White House, Cristina and the President's son watch the burning planet arrive. He says "What's that" and she says 'Home".


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