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Gossip Girl -The Wrong Goodbye -Recap

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Written by : published Monday 23rd May 2011

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The Gossip Girl Season 4 Finale is a head-wringer. Charlie's madness has a method. She pours the pills Dan's father refilled for her into the loft wastebasket, but he finds them after she has left for the ball. Serena and Vanessa are sharing Charlie stories when they learn she has gone off her meds, and get dressed to go to the ball and find Charlie.

Dan's long battle to be in the "In" crowd of Manhattan's elite isn't over. He navigates the dance to get away from Charlie's insistence she call him "Serena" during sex. Even though Serena vouched for her at the bank to open Charlie's trust fund, Charlie leaves her new dress and shows up in the gold dress Serena wore to the same dance last year (with Serena's date from last year). Among the crowd Serena's dress is well-known.

Chuck shows up at the Constance St. Jude Charity Ball at the school they all went to. He looks frantically for Blair. The Prince arrives with his mother but no Blair. Chuck tries to make her mother notice Blair is missing but she says the big bad wolf is not needed. Chuck is chided by Blair's assistants, but he says the game isn't over yet. Nate tells Dan regarding Chuck and rehab there is another story to be told.

Nate and Chuck  go back to the Empire. Reyna is there, saying she told her father she know about his trying to kill her mother and the tape. Reyna says Thorpe was talking about Chuck Bass, whose well-known weakness is Blair. Thorpe's fury at Bass means trouble for Blair.

Russell Thorpe calls Blair and tells her that Chuck Bass is trapped on the roof and is going to jump and is asking for her. She gets to the dance in advance of Louis and goes up the roof. Louis has told Blair not to show up at the St. Jude dance if she doesn't want him.

While Reyna and Chuck make their apologies, Chuck gets a call. Thorpe has Blair trapped on the new Bass hotel roof. Chuck realizes from how Blair is talking that Thorpe doesn't know she is making the call.

At the ball, Georgina Sparks approaches Dan and asks for some nasty gossip. Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) listens to Vanessa, Dan and Serena discuss Charlie. Georgina confides pointlessly that her son is not her husband's. Serena is appalled. Georgina is angry that Vanessa the outsider is involved and then when they purposefully break up Vanesa says she can just go away. So when she sees Charlie says nothing.

Eric calls his mother and sends her a phone video of the dance. Eric is considered newly eligible and attracts groupies. Dan finds Charlie dancing with the stuffed shirts with a bottle in her strapless dress. When Dan tries to apologise and pick up where they left off, she shoves him into a crowd of waiters and flees.

 Then Georgine goes around a corner to see Charlie hiding right there.

Thorpe waits for enough gas to flood the area where he has Blair. Blair gives Thorpe a heartfelt speech about how evil Chuck is,while she lets Bass and Nate creep up the stairs. Thorpe is about to ignite the lighter when Nate Chuck and Reyna jump out on to the roof. Reyna says she forgives her father and what happened to her mother was an accident. She takes the lighter and then says he's going to jail for a  long time and she won't be visiting him.

Charlie can't get into any of the rooms. Georgina tells Charlie, who is carrying a vodka bottle, hello, and then when Charlie asks where there is an unlocked window for "fresh air", Georgina sees a schemer in her and tells her "top floor end of the hall".

But then Georgina steers Serena the wrong way. Knowing Georgina, she ignores her misdirection and continues in Charlie's  real direction. Georgina says she missed them because they "get" her. Meanwhile Charlie has found a place to jump out. Serena finds Charlie ready to jump from the study window of the St. Jude's top floor. She rushes forward crying "Charlie! No".

Dan is at the van der Woodsens, and calls Vanessa to see if she has seen Charlie. Vanessa is at Dan's apartment reading Dan's novel, "Inside". It is a brilliant satire of the Upper East Side. When Dan calls, he is shocked that she has read it. Dan says he worked on it for five years but that if anybody reads it he'll lose all his friends. Now Dan is finally "inside".

Vanessa says to make great art he has to stand outside it. But Dan is firm. Vanessa says for Dan to be a great man instead of a good boy. Vanessa says his life has been downhill since he asked out Serena four years ago. Dan tells Vanessa he had a better life before she climbed up his fire escape four years ago. He hangs up on her and then sits on the Van Der Woodsen penthouse stairway steps, summoned to Serena's bidding.

Serena is scared  Charlie will jump and asks her to come down. Charlie tells Serena she wants to be her, and  says that she heard her talk to Dan and Vanessa saying she's crazy. But Serena speaks from the heart about being so confused, and Charlie ask her what about choosing between Dan and Nate and not choosing either. Serena gets through to Charlie and she admits things got out of hand and apologizes.

Blair and Chuck intend to return to the Constance St. Jude Ball, but they go to a hotel instead to get a drink. They crash the bar mitzvah of an unknown boy (Joseph) and dance the night away. They hijack the dancefloor, spinning  to the center of the circle, and join hands while being lifted into the chairs and dancing a fairytale. Chuck writes the boy a fat check and tells Blair they have to return to the real world. They adjourn to a room and make love.

Vanessa steals Dan's novel and leaves the apartment. Reyna says to Nate she wants to go home to Chicago.

At the dance, Charlie tells Serena that nothing is wrong with being her. She says she wants to jum because 'I'll never be like you". Serena confesses her own misgivings. Charlie steps off the roof to "be there" for her. Charlie asks if she could do it all over again who would she choose, Dan or Nate? Serena becomes guilty she never let them know who she chose (nobody). When Dan and Nate come in, Serena apologises to them both. Dan says it is good to hear her talk about it.

Blair is struggling with a similiar choice. She feels bad about betraying Louis, and Chuck realizes what she has with Louis is actually a healthy relationship.

At the Constance St. Jude's ball everyone has left except Louis. Princesse Sophie told Prince Louise to face the music but he had faith Blair would show up. Chuck brings Blair there and is startled to see Louis is still waiting for her.


Louis tells Chuck he knows Blair, but that even if she is scared, he will wait for her.
Blair steps forward, either to tell Louis about breaking up or  to tell Chuck shes going with Louis but Chuck says they have his blessing and leaves. Blair stares at him in anguish, then goes upstairs with Louis.

Elsewhere,  Serena gets the coats, Nate gets the car. Charlie tells Dan she should call her mom and say everything is all right. As Georgina Sparks watches, Dan leaves and Charlie calmly calls her mother and says in a bored voice "it worked perfectly, everything went according to plan".  Behind her, Georgina says hello. Charlie pretends she was upset before and was off her meds but Georgina says "I don't think so. I don't think you ever on any".

Georgina says that she is way too bored and gives Charlie her phone number on a napkin.

As Chuck leaves the dance, Blair comes running after him. Chuck says there is a difference between a great love and the right love. Chuck says last year at the Empire State Building he left after two minutes but Louis waited all night. They both feel guilty about being together. Chuck says he must be growing up and don't let anybody tell her she isn't powerful, she's the most powerful woman he knows.


She says it is taking all the power she has to walk away. He says it is time to say goodbye. Chuck watches as Blair meets Louis, who has come back downstairs. Chuck watches in approval as Blair climbs the stairs in unison with Louis.

Next day the crowd starts breaking up for the summer. Dan gets the house in the Hamptons with Eric for the summer to get over Serena. Dan's father says he might get some writing done, and Dan says his writing days are over.
Three weeks later


1) Blair is scheduled to be wed to the Prince in November. Hidden in her wastebasket is a blue POSITIVE pregnancy test.

2) Charlie they put on a  bus back to Florida, and everyone agrees that this is for the best.

3) Blair and Chuck are cordial and remain at arms length, but Serena goes to CeCe's beach house in Montecito. Chuck and Nate decide to cruise Europe playing bachelor.

4) Charlie gets off the bus in Florida, she really is an actress named Ivy.

She gives her "mother" the trust fund money, telling her "it's all there" for which she receives a wad of cash.

The New York visit was a whole scam to steal checks and unlock Charlie's trust fund.

As the "mother" moves off, Charlie turns over the napkin with Georgina's number on it and puts it in her purse, where a spare trust fund checkbook is stashed.

5). Vanessa meets with a literary agent and says the author of Dan's book "Inside" prefers to remain anonymous.

Vanessa says to send the money to Barcelona, where she will be moving. (Dan knows nothing about this).

6. Serena stops on the Montecito beachside to talk to a handsome man reading 'The Beautiful and the Damned" for a meeting with a director.

Serena meets the famous director David O. Russell, (Three Kings, The Fighter) .

Because the assistant hasn't read the book, Russell then wants her to write the screenplay notes because she knows the novel.


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