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Kitchen Nightmares-Oceana-recap

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Written by : published Monday 23rd May 2011

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Ramsay heads down to New Orleans to a Bourbon Street restaurant called Oceana. The two owners have fired a lot of the staff and the server has been there for 17 months. The restaurant is in two rooms connected, and Ramsay doesn't like the way it looks.


Gordon is served rotten crab cakes, awful gumbo and etouffe with frozen ingredients. The chef Damon lies to him that they are fresh. The duck is tough and scummy. The owners laugh at Gordon's accent and opinions. Ramsay is frustrated by the lies. The duck is cooked off premises and frozen and then brought to the restaurant.
Gordon sees the menu is very old and the decorations are awful.


The two men Mo and Rami, who own the place scream and yell and treat the restaurant like a battleground. The guests are mostly tourists who don't know any better. The men inherited the restaurant. They correct Gordon to say "N'awlins".


The  two owners are brothers and are real bickerers and the chef serves rotten stuff. But when Gordon doesn't like it they tell each other he doesn't know Cajun food. But Gordon reveals an untold amount of rotten food in the freezer waiting to be served. Room  temperature storage for hot fish and refrigeration for warm gumbo spells health code issues.


Food tastes wrong and keeps getting sent back. Gordon finds out the kitchen has never been cleaned. He also finds roach traps, 3 dead mice, and awful grease pools in scummy piles in the kitchen. The horrified owners shut down the kitchen, close the restaurant, and fire the chef. But Gordon observes the short brother isn't helpful. Gordon makes the staff clean the kitchen. Mo and Rami have lost about $5,000 shutting down the restaurant.


The restaurant has cheesy neon fish signs. But the one brother Mo annoys Gordon by not showing up for dinner service. The nicer brother Rami explains that being "busy the wrong way" is a complement. The man says he needs a English to British dictionary to understand Gordon. They are deep in denial.


Gordon brings the food up to standard. The menu includes updated fare.


The makeover connects the restaurant and declutters the interior. Little chandeliers and antiqued shabby-chic doors improve the look and feel. Three chefs to cook for the night and teach the sou-chefs how to cook. The sous-chefs are happy and impressed.


The night of the re-opening, everything is a success but Mo does not show up. Gordon calls him and gets him out of bed. When Mo gets to the restaurant he hangs out in the kitchen and avoids greeting customers.  Mo gets drunk and takes a break, astonishing Ramsay. fter service, Mo asks Gordon out for a drink.


Gordon for the first time admits he does not expect one of his projects to be around a year later. 


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