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NCIS -Recruiter

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Written by : published Monday 31st January 2011

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Petty Officer Simon Craig closes up shop at the job fair and heads down the stairway. He is a college fair recruiter. A recruiting officer, he carries a box of booth supplies. A hand on his shoulder makes him turn and then pushes him down the stairs. A final stomp finishes the job. The NCIS headquarters galvanizes into action to find the killer.
Ducky (Mallard) has a guest, his predecessor Dr. Magness (Bob Newhart). Jethro remembers him. Magness admires the new forensic computer equipment. Ziva is gone on another trip, infuriating DoNozzo. Jethro is told by his superior Leon Vance that the job has responsibilities. Between paperwork and painkillers, something is up. Jethro has created a need for Vance to come back before he's ready. Magness suffers from episodes of dementia from Alzheimer's and has lost mental capacity.
Recruitments are up about 5% from last year. Wrriten and physical examinations show rejections on applicants. The high school shows five students that were being counseled by Craig.  The dead body shows a work boot to the face was the final blow. The sister of the dead man says he was gay and dating a English teacher. DiNozzo and Ziva find the teacher, who is married. His wife now knows he is gay due to the involvement with Petty Officer Craig.
Paul Simmons, a student, is spotted on campus arguing with his father. He is wearing the stomp type boots. Mallard calls Jethro into the autopsy room. Poorly healed injuries seem to have a track record with the victim.  The gay man's wife is brought in. Work boots are found in her trunk. She says she had followed him to a motel where she saw him encounter Petty Officer Craig with her husband. Jethro asks Betty is she killed Craig and she says "What do you think?"
The agents visit Paul Simmons again. The father says the Navy is not a good idea for his son. Changes in United States armed forces regulations concerning homosexuality have Vance upset that Jethro has taggged this as a hate crime. Paul sees the agents and runs. Ziva and DiNozzo corner Paul and bring him in. Jethro discusses the college fair and how Paul was seen with Petty Officer Craig  before he was murdered. Mr. Simmons confesses that he was drunk at the time of the murder and that Paul's dead mother understood Paul better.
Jethro does a email search for "dont ask don't tell". Simmons is found to be hiding emails sorting out his issues with homosexuality. The father is the one who stomped Office Craig to death. He claims he was just trying to be a 'good dad". Episode closes with a photo montage for Dr. Magness recalling his career contributions. And a very single Jethro starts a new home remodeling project.

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