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The Ricky Gervais Show- A Review by Andrew Bremner

The Ricky Gervais Show poster

Written by : published Sunday 22nd May 2011

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Each time I write on of these reviews I give a little introduction that would appear to have very little to do with the actual review. This is because I usually have trouble with introductions. There is very little point starting with a strong structured intro when I know my short attention span will allow the review to wander into a realm of unicorns with tourettes and jellyfish on acid


Anyway on with the show with its recent airings on channel 4 and as its into its second season I feel the time is right to talk about a cartoon. "The Ricky Gervais Show." I would like to stress several things that may not be obvious. I never liked Gervais particularly. I watched the office and found it painfully unmentionably dull I had done work experience in an office and that's what it felt like, hard work. This stopped me watching his stand-up because I didn't like one programme. That was foolish Gervais may not be a genius but he is very funny. In the end I was shown the light by one of my best friends who said he felt the exact same way untill he watch "An Idiot Abroad." I listened to the voice of reason and found one of the most amazingly funny programmes I've ever seen. I watched them with fevour and then downloaded the podcasts for our ipods. They too were excellent and made me and my friend sit on the floor while out shopping with our friends giggling, unfortunately while sat opposite the bra section so we looked like perverts on nitrous oxide.


The thing the ricky gervais show is, is an animated version of the podcasts. I thought this was simply a cash in. Well it is but because the matireal is amazing it simply doesn't matter. I am avoiding the elephant in the room here which is the podcasts are not about Gervais yes he is the face used to brand them and sell them to people but the best weapon in the Ricky Gervais Show's arsnel is one man. Karl Pilkington. He is made to look the fool by Ricky and Steven Merchant but this only serves to make him all the more loveable. The painfully naïve statements seem foolish but when actually listened to they are not only inadvertantly funny but also quite insightful. The actual programme is added to by the animation which shows you little scenarios being described and it works well with the bright characters being instantly recognizable. Yes it is technically a repeat of the podcasts but there is a charm about it because of the flinstones style animation that melds perfectly with the strange and bizzare things Karl Pilkington says.


As that was almost close to reviewing instead of a string of metaphors held together in a loose tangent I will finish by saying if you like Ricky Gervais then you will like this and if you despise him then I would implore you to still take my advice watch this. If I'm wrong and you don't like it and Gervais simply makes you want to rip your teeth out with a live jaguar then well done for having an over-active imagination and give "An Idiot Abroad" a go instead because Gervais is in that less.




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