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South Park season 15 episode 2 "Funnybot" review

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Written by : published Monday 23rd May 2011

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South Park is back with new episode “Funnybot”, an episode devoted to a parody of the comedy awards and a dig at Tyler Perry. Funnybot is the second episode of the fifteenth season of the popular animated television series following the hilariously disturbing episode the “HUMANCENTiPAD”.


 In the episode the South Park Special Ed department decide to host a comedy award because they believe that comedy isn’t rewarded enough. The award ceremony is a parody of The Comedy Awards aired on Comedy Central. During the award ceremony the Germans are awarded the Most Unfunny People award. The Germans take a dislike to this and decide to create Funnybot in attempt to prove to the world they are funny. The episode also takes a stab at comedy actor Tyler Perry with him being awarded the Kathy Griffin Award (also a stab), which is given to the celebrity most likely to show up to these awards.


 Funnybot suddenly becomes a global sensation in the comedy world which angers other famous human comedians such as, Adam Sandler and Jay Leno, who fear Funnybot is stealing their limelight. As the comedians hijack South Park Elementary demanding they stop Funnybot, the boys and Jimmy take up the challenge to stop Funnybot. But as they manage to gain access to Funnybot’s dressing room they find the disturbing truth that Funnybot is planning a joke that will destroy the world.


It’s a sensational episode that has you laughing the whole way through and just as you think you know what’s going to happen next they throw in a hilarious twist. South Park have definitively not disappointed in the launch of their 15th series, the next episodes are certainly worth looking out for.


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