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Friday Night Lights-Swerve-recap

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Written by : published Sunday 22nd May 2011

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Church services in Dillon feature Cafferty getting pressure from his parents about TMU, but Luke says he asked his father not to say anything.  Buddy plays matchmaker introducing Julie to Buddy Jr. Buddy Garrity says the next cover article of a coaching magazine is calling Coach Taylor a Kingmaker. Across town, Vince's father and mother invite friends over for dinner.
Riggins is watching game tape of Tim when his brother calls from jail. Becky jumps up to talk to him but Mindy prevents this. Billy says he is making payments on his and and sending money to him in jail. Mindy later points out that Tim isn't her boyfriend and when he gets out he won't be.
Coach Taylor and Tami wave goodbye to Julie, who drives off and stops. She doesn't want to go back to school. She looks at a mailbox and runs the car into it. She tells her parents that a dog ran in front of the car. Taylor is glad she is not hurt. Julie lurks around the house.
Luke Cafferty gets in the coach's face about Vince telling him about the TMU scholarship offer for Vince. Luke is hurt that the tickets and the trip were for nothing. He wants to know why Taylor told Vince not to say anything. Taylor apologises he made a poor decision trusting the TMU people. He says he should have looked out for him better.

Vince gets approached by the thug he owes the money to. He is threatened with harm unless he comes up with the money. The thug later comes to Jesse and physically intimidates her. Vince tries to scrape together the money. Vince has money hidden everywhere. He gives him some but not all. This is from when Calvin got shot.


Later Jesse suggests they tell the coach. Vince refuses to go to the police like Jesse says because his father will get in trouble. But also because Taylor never knew the truth behind the shooting. Vince tells his father what is going on. His father says he knew the shakedown artist before he got a gun and started rapping. He'll take care of it.


At practice, Cafferty tells Vince he stole his scholarship. Cafferty shows up drunk at Riggins' place looking for Becky. Riggins doesn't let him drive away drunk. Riggins tells Cafferty to let out a barbarian yell and find his football joy again. Cafferty phones the TMU coach and yells and says he has heart. Riggins says they'll get him a scholarship somewhere else.


Julie confides in her mother about the business with the married man. Tami is confounded at the change. Coach Taylor is shocked and confused. He tells her she is going back to school. Julie does not say anything but when he is gone tells her mother she won't go back.


At practice, Taylor gets pranked by the entire team sitting in the bleachers reading the "kingmaker" article. Jess does too. Taylor is angry about the barbecue tattoo. But he  looks Vince in the eye and asks him why he spoke to Cafferty when he told him not to. Vince lies and says it just slipped out.


At home, Julie is awkward to deal with. She offers to pay for he damages to the car. Taylor tells Tami he thinks Julie wrecked the car on purpose. Tami can't believe it. Tami confronts Julie, who confesses she didn't know what to do. Tami is shocked by the choices her daughter is making.


Taylor demands to know if she knew the Teaching Assistant was married before she slpt with him. Before leaving for the game he`drags Julie down the hallway to force her to go back to college, but she gets away from him and runs into her bedroom and slams the door. Tami reminds him he has a game and he sits in his house trying to figure out what he wants to do.


The team and staff wait in disbelief because Coach Taylor hasn't shown up. Riggins gives a pep talk about showing the other team whos

e territory they are now on. Taylor comes to the speech and tells him he did a fine job.

During the game, Vince's father finds the thug and beats him up, telling him that the only reason he isn't killing him is because they have history.

Vince's father takes his gun. Later he tells Vince he took care of it. The people at dinner ask him about his time in jail.


Buddy Garrity throws the postgame party, calling out the 28-10 victory due to the game MVP Luke Cafferty.


Amid the huzzahs, Cafferty gets buttonholed bty the TMU coach, who says they can work it out.

Riggins' wife throws Jesse and Cafferty together to stop Becky from mooning over Tim.

Cafferty says he swears he didn't have anything to do with it.


Taylor comes home to find Tami passed out on the sofa. He goes to check on Grace and Julies stands in the hallway behind him.



"I didn't mean to disappoint you". She says, and Taylor doesn't turn around.




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