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Bones- the Change in the Game -recap

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Written by : published Saturday 21st May 2011

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Bones is pregnant with Booth's child! If you missed the hookup, so did everyone else.


The bowling alley unrolls an ugly body and gristly bone mess during a high stakes tournament. Bones and Seely discover that behind the rolling pins of the lanes there is murder afoot. They discover he was killed and that he had a lot of bad blood with the local bowling association.


The lab determines the name of the Team on the shirt was the Thunder cats, the league Brennan's father (Ryan O'Neal) bowls in. Booth contacts him and Booth and Bones go undercover on the bowling team.  He has an alibi (as usual) with a married woman across town and confesses that he is in a wheelchair due to a pelvic fracture from falling out of bed while "socializing". Bones' father is impressed with Seely's bowling score.


Baby Hodgins is due, but late, and the mother-to-be eats habenera sauce to speed things along. The possibility of the baby being born blind raises its head once again.
At the lab, the corpse from the bowling alley frame is reconstructed  and the remaining bones given an enzyme bath. The cause of death is a shove of the nasal bone cartilage into the brain.


Baby Hodgins announces impending delivery and Hodgins once again panics and can't find his keys. The forensic analysis continues while Saroyan steps in at the lab. Using a bedside laptop,  the deep-breathing mother indicates how to proceed using her computer at the lab but they really mess it up. Hodgins realizes the weapon of death was a hydrorethane object, maybe a bowling ball but under five pounds.


The ringers for the injured man show up at the lanes. Bones wears curled hair and is called Wanda and Booth wears a mullet and answerrs to "Buck". Booth and Bones assume their identities with fervor but Seely's shoes hurt him and his game after a while. Brennan earns some (she-male) attention while sussing out the fact that the man who rents the shoes did not like that the dead man wore no socks.



Seely and Temperance are surprisingly convincing as a couple. Brennan's father notices they are getting along and that possibly romance may be in the air. Booth is a fabulous bowler and nails key shots. The bowling team has an obnoxiously aggressive red haired child whose rudeness and manners astonish Brennan. She has a smaller bowling ball than the rest of the team. Her goal is to be world champion in a matter of years.


The dead man was not universally liked and had many enemies. One of these is the league referee and supervisor, who once got glued to a bowling ball courtesy of the dead man. The girl with red hair plots her improvements on a  computer laptop. Brennan uses her black light scope to scan a league player's bag for traces of blood buts gets caught and says she is looking for artificial enhancements to glide the bowling ball.


The Lothario player does well but not as well as Booth. The bowling culture is shown between teams to be fierce but protective. The older women hit on Booth. The dead man had few friends.


The little girl is outraged when the Romeo fails. When she is finished yelling at the team she announces she'll hang out in the arcade. Bones checks out the scores of the little girl and onging progress on the laptop and notices that the improvements are continual and repetitive. This is not a natural occurrence. Booth makes another impossible shot and Temperance smells a rat.


Hodgins (with his wife in labor) finalizes a lab result which shows chemical traces in the dead body residue of  hydrourethane material. This is not a bowling ball but a red motorcycle helemet with gold flecks in it.


Booth and Brennan question the man who sells the shoes and he says that the computers set the racks to automate. Brennan realizes the dead man's "Lucky" lane was rigged in his favor and that the little girl also knew this but kept quiet because it boosted her bowling scores. The little girl is angry at Booth and Brennan for discovering this.

Booth and Brennan see the helmet on the counter where the man who rents the bowling shoes works. Evidently he whacked the dead man out of sheer frustration having to handle his horribly smelly shoes*(he says his fingernails fell off processing the fungal monstrosities). Evidently when the man went to reset the lane, the dead man charged him to keep the machinery slanted and the man hit him with the helmet and fled.

Meanwhile baby Hodgins is born, Michael Staccato Hodgins. Brennan checks up on the new other and asks about how the experience was. She says it was magical.
Booth and Brennan walk home after the visit to the hospital. Booth says there's nothing nicer than a family with a baby and then Brennan announces she is pregnant and he is the father. He is overjoyed.


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