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Grey's Anatomy - Unaccompanied Minor- recap

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Written by : published Friday 20th May 2011

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Derek chalks lines in the house they are building for the baby's room. He kicks aside nails when the social worker visits. She looks around at the skeleton of the house dubiously. As they arrive at the hospital Hunt approaches Derek about what Karev says. Shepherd announces Meredith's switching of placebos to Richard`Weber. Chief Weber gives Meredith a chance to get the story straight but she says for them to kick her off the study.
Meredith deals with Derek's anger over ruining the Alzheimers test. Owen tells Cristina why Meredith is in trouble and Cristina is flabbergasted. Karev can't believe whats a mess he's created and Meredith stalks up to him in front of everyone and tells him to get his stuff out of her house before sundown. Altman sets up her "husband" (Scott Foley) for his surgery, before taking a flight to Germany with her psychiatrist boyfriend.
A huge plane crash is announced and everyone gathers for emergency trauma battle stations. Even Meredith is pressed into service. The Chief meets with Derek and Meredith but she insists she can't tell anyone about what she did.

Karev submits when he saw her with the paperwork and Richard realizes Adele is the recipient. Derek is still angry but Richard is cowed. (This is the first knowledge he's gotten that Adele got the real drug). He says Meredith is suspended. But he tells Derek he pressured Meredith so hard he practically made her do it. The FDA will have to sort it out.

Cristina discovers she is pregnant and does not want the baby. She is determined not to have it and Owen tries to talk her out of it. He says to trust him and she says if she has it she will love it. Owen says for her to think about it.

Altman comes to hang out with her "husband" bringing him pudding. He says for her to leave because it was hard to say goodbye. And he's had 80 surgeries. Altman belatedly realizes that he cares for her. He tells her to leave with the knight and have Spaetzle eating children.

Mark Sloan learns from Hunt that Avery dropped out of the Chief's trial because he wants Weber to have a chance at winning a Harper Avery award without his name discounting it.

No casualties are brought because all the plane passengers died. The families wait for notice their loved ones are dead. Each doctor is assigned a passenger to notify the family of, some more than one. Lexie gets three.

One victim arrives later, a girl. She is an unaccompanied minor on the passenger list. Mark Sloane walks over to Avery and says he can "have" Lexie. When Lexie learns of this she is annoyed. Avery says he may owe Mark a goat. The passengers surviving families hear there is one survivor who has nobody waiting and all decide to see what happens.

Altman takes part in the plane crash ER effort because all planes are down. Surgery patients are shunted aside. Karev sees Owen post the Chief Resident notice and April Kepner gets the nod. Meredith and Karev are incensed. Meredith knows she might have gotten it without Karev's shocking admission. Alex can't believe he didn't get picked.

Callie thinks Meredith is going to get the Chief resident. Bailey is disturbed by the fact that the Baltimore flight that crashed was one that she took her baby on many times. After the annoucnement, Avery tells April congratulations they are both happy. April belatedly realizes she is the one who has to keep the other doctors in line, and they will never like her.

Karev chases down Hunt and says he was drunk when he told him. How could Hunt have picked Kepner? Hunt said he was as dumb as Meredith if he didn't think through telling on her, and that he just sold out the one person universally liked at the hospital, nobody would come to him now for anything. Hunt says he had been going to pick Alex before he spoke up and tattled on Meredith.

Derek speaks to Meredith privately in the locker room and Meredith disappoints him saying she hasn't been fired. Derek then says he can't raise a child with someone who doesn't know right from wrong. Meredith says the situation with Adele and the test and Richard makes the case not very simple. The social worker starts paging Meredith but she can't get a hold of him.

Cristina is six weeks pregnant according to Lucy. But when Cristina tries to talk to Meredith she is either in a meeting with Weber or outraged at Derek. Hunt imagines a huge family life for them. Cristina can't discuss it and stays isolated and angry Hunt won't respect her wishes not to have a child.

Sloane says to Lexie is in a dark hallway when they are alone that he is finally Ok with her being with Avery. Lexie says for him to stop coming arund then and talking to her if it's over. She says that she loves him, and that if he keeps trying to reheat their love he will succeed. He got what he wanted, the baby, he has to be happy with that.

Meredith has to inform a wife that her husband won't get the Alzheimer's drug. While the children and Derek watch the woman throws a fit and demand they give it to him. Later Meredith tells Derek says it is complicated that there is a drug in a box that could help people. Shephard is angry his study is ruined and says he could have chosen anything but he chose Alzheimer's to help people like Meredith.

Hunt tells Cristina he can go on leave to take care of the baby. Cristina does not want to tie up her life with the entire motherhood track. Hunt does not really understand how strongly she feels. Cristina says she thinks people should only have kids who really want them.

Altman kisses the psychiatrist during a break from the family death notifications. He says all the trauma has gotten to him and during such a time you want to be with the ones you love. At that moment Altman suspects her heart is somewhere else.

Cristine tries to talk to Meredith and they see Karev talking to the social worker. Meredith rushes over and stops Karev talking. He is only giving the social worker a report on the baby's excellent health. The social worker tells Meredith she can have the baby Zola on a temporary custody pending the case beind finally decided. Derek doesn't answer any texts or calls.

Altman confronts her "husband" demanding he give her a kiss. After they kiss she says that she thinks she's falling in love with him too.

The mother of the accompanied minor arrives at the hospital, to be overwhelmed with the good wishes and the sympathy of the people whose relatives didn't make it. They lie and tell her their son is in surgery. Nobody tells her her daughter is the only survivor.

The ICU nurse showers Meredith with baby supplies as Derek does not show up. Meredith leaves messages but Derek does not show up (He was the one who wanted the baby). So many expectant parents come with supplies whose babies don't make it there is a full closet of stuff.

Meredith takes the baby home to an empty house, Derek is not there and Alex's room is vacant, everything is gone.(Unknown to Meredith, Derek is sleeping in the baby's room of their empty house in the mountain knoll).

Cristina comes home to see Owen and asks him to tell her that he loves her. She tells him she has scheduled a termination procedure for the next week. Owen insists there`are two of them in the marriage. Cristina is told by Hunt to get out. He says it is because she denied him part of the decision.

Bailey sees her nurse boyfriend leaving the hospital. He demands he get to come home with her and meet Tuck and take their relationship to the next level. She's nervous but she agrees.


Crsitina unlocks the door to Meredith's who comes downstairs thinking it is Derek. Cristina blurts out that she is pregnant, having an abortion, and Owen threw her out. Meredith says why didn't you tell me?


Meredith needs help with the baby but Cristina wants to go lie down.


At the bar, Karev drinks deeply as Lucy comes in breathlessly to find him. She says to him to tell her not to go to Africa and stay there with him. Bitter and hurt, he tells her to go to Hell.


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