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House-The Fix-Recap

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Written by : published Friday 20th May 2011

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Wendy Lee,  rocket scientist, is overseeing a weapons test and falls to the ground in contortions. The boyfriend working the test shows up at the hospital to tell House she got poisoned. He says the ex-boyfriend was a nut and a stalker. He thinks she was poisoned by the ex-boyfriend.


House orders Chase and Thirteen to break into the boyfriend's house. Talbe and Johnson find dozens of wine and alcohol bottles in her apartment. But every treatment makes her worse and then Lee has a heart attack. Hosue does not answer pages.

House looks like he has muscle implants. He injects himself with a needle with a mystery substance and he does resistance exercises with his injured leg with a huge recent scar on the thigh.

Thirteen is ordered by Wilson and Cuddy to break into House's place to see what is going on. House confesses to using an experimental compound on himsef to regrow muscles. Thirteen says he is an idiot because the study was done on rats and not cleared for humans yet.

Foley beat Zachary and House owes Wilson $50. Wilson does a zen dance while House contends he took a dive. House finds Foley in a diner and says he has to phone Wilson and say he threw the fight. But House is drawn into the mystery of he fell when he didn't throw the fight or get punched. House claims Wolf-Parkinson syndrome and all bets are off.

House tries out a few things on his boxer but they don't work. House continues to use the new compound which needs only a lot of water. He runs out and then visits the lab where the doctor researching the compound is using it on the rats. House invents a request for coffee and then steals more of the compound. The rats are doing well.

Using the compound, House tries to get his leg to work. Frustrated, he throws the works away and throws down three Vicodin. Wilson comes to see him about using the experimental drugs. He says he's stopped. Wilson says he wants everything to be physical and tangible. Then if his leg gets better he will be happy.
The doctors isolate radiation as the cause of the Wendy Lee illness. She works for a weapons company.


Caesar, the boyfriend, insists there is no way she would have been involved in this. Thirteen says he must not know her very well. They suit up in HAZMAT suits and rush her to the isolation lab. But as they observe she has enlarged genitals, they refuses Caesar access to not risk her immune system.

Drunk and confounded, House goes to a bar and drinks his sorrows. The bartender refuses to serve him anymore. He gets into a fight he starts but throws a punch and feels his leg muscles tighten and react. Frozen in shock, he then gets punched by a roundhouse in the eye. He wakes up, realizing why the boxer got felled by a glancing blow.

Inflammation means the Lee patient is not suffering radiation. The hospital staff argue over causes of the patient's illness which has more serious and confusing symptoms every day. The staff approach Caesar and tell him he will need a bone marrow transplant. Thirteen says there is no choice. Chase says he can only refuse them because he knows what is killing her.

Wendy Lee wakes up to find that Caesar has been taken to jail for poisoning her with Spanish Fly. Houses goes home and takes the drug works out of the trash and gets the routine going again. Tapping his cane and whirling it because he doesn't need it, he taps the back of his neck. He then demands the $50 back from Wilson. A tumor on the back of his neck caused the lethargy and the fall.


As the research doctor returns, he finds the lab rat taking House's compound dead on his treadmill.


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