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Law & Order: Los Angeles episode hayden tract recap

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Written by : published Friday 20th May 2011

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TJ continues to hide his tracking Vargas from his partner and the Lieutenant. The updates about where his dead partner's killer is and what he is doing come from other people. Photos show Vargas in the company of a woman with a specific skull tattoo over her shoulder.

A City Councilwoman and several other people are shot point-blank by a  man shouting "Where's my daughter". The police find from the cellphone videos he went inside and hid in the electrical closet. Inside the software building they recognize the man as a local messenger. The messenger company has the man's driver's license and says he has been looking for his missing daughter for years.

But investigation shows the man Larry Shepherd has no daughter. They track his real identification from a Mormon church attack and a name change. When they go to bust down his door in Lodi, his sister arrives with her two kids. She says he is schizophrenic and has no children. He is not in contact with her but she insist he is harmless. They ask that she contact authorities if she hears from him.
In the videotape of past meetings with the city councilwoman, the suspect is shown asking her about a computer game on the Internet from when the councilwoman wrote computer programs. The computer game "Shadow Hill" is about a missing child. The game company executives say the shooter wrote them emails and talked to company personnel about getting into the game beyond accepted parameters. After a lot of harassment they shut him down. Morales asks "How's that working out for you?"
The shooter posted online messages about a missing daughter and how he will do anything to get her back, including the ultimate sacrifice. Morales and TJ visit an online chat buddy of the shooter, a 16 year olf gir in Fontana. She was taken herself and held in a cabin for years. She believed he had a real missing daughter. She is stunned to learn that is false and that he shot the people at the software company steps. She sets up a meeting saying she can get him into the company premises and has a password.
When he comes to the setup meet, he stalks up shouting about what else he needs to get inside the game software levels. The small figure in a  hoodie turns, it's an undercover cop. The man attacks the woman and then runs, but the police cars show up and put him in their headlights. He runs up to the top of a building and then puts his gun in his mouth. Morales says what will his daughter do if he shoots himself. Then as he gives up and is taken, he screams at them "Who's paying you?"
Investigators find more catch and release incidences where the shooter got people worked up and was asked to leave. The schizophrenic man soon began to believe he had a real daughter. He hacked the game  company system and tried to get to the hidden levels. When he could not get there the man decided to confront the councilwoman, believing she was part of the conspiracy to keep him from his daughter. The other shooting victims were part of the "conspiracy".
Dekker's attempt to show proof of trial evidence is contested by a star attorney who wants a headline case about defendant's rights. Dekker taunts him about taking the case just to get on Andersen Cooper. The man screams under restraints about his missing daughter and the judge orders psychological tests to determine competency to stand trial. Dekker tells Rubirosa that the attorney made his money defending rich gang members and now wants respectability from high profile cases.
The interviews with the psychiatrists shows the man is cognizant of the trial and knows what is happening to him. But Dekker doesn't want a psychiatric floor show to allow him to get institutional sentencing that would release the shooter when psychological doctors deemed him fit. Rubirosa watches video of the interviews where he mentions details specific to an alcohol induced labor out of date by ten years. The prison psychologist says that would have been about the time he was first diagnosed schizophrenic.
The shooter's attorney contends he is not crazy but competent to stand trial so that the "real killers' can stand forth. Rubirosa investigates why the sister is allowing the lawyer to guide the case. She does not understand what he is doing and what all the evidence means. Rubirosa says she can get other legal advice and consider a plea for not guilty by insanity.
Dekker is infuriated when as a result of this the attention-getting lawyer calls and changes the not guilty plea to a not guilty plea by reasons of insanity. Dekker says they are now expecting a deal. Rubirosa did this before, according to Mike Cutter. There is no room for a loose cannon.
Rubirosa stands up for treatment of the mentally ill. She was shown cages and spit bars in prison used to house the mentally ill receiving "treatment". Singing "Kum Ba Yah" for an hour doesn't heal schizophrenics. But Dekker says their job is to keep dangerous murderers like the shooter off the street so he won't murder more people. Rubirosa argues that proffering a mediated plea is a social good.

Meanwhile TJ has been cruising the Sonora desert south of the Mexican border. He makes contacts with people who want to see Vargas disappear. TJ is watched crossing the border and is an oddball white man in a bunch of varrio neighborhoods dry as dust.
TJ makes inquiries about the woman with the skull tattoo and gets set up with a hooker whose parents were killed in the another Vargas massacre. She gives him a special cellphone number.

She says Vargas is bad and if TJ is serious she will get word to him that TJ will be in a  certain time and place.

TJ (Corey Stoll) is knocked down by two hoods in a parking garage in Los Angeles, and is ready for them. They say he why did he leave Mexico soon so soon was it the food? They say they are taking him back for a good long time. He busts one down and handcuffs him to the car, then the other is wounded in the scuffle.

Morale says they searched the cars and there was food and supplies and a hidden compartment big enough to get TJ across the border unseen. Morales also says he called him and the call went to the Mexican desert although TJ says he was diving.  The Lieutenant has a few questions for TJ.

But then TJ finds Casey's address from the cars and runs to warn her. He says he started something and then she runs to get the kids to go to Grandma's.

Meanwhile Rubirosa has flown to investigate the the ex-girlfriend of the man in custody for the shooting. She recognizes the picture of "Ariel" it is of her. She said she almost had a miscarriage in her first trimester when they were in college. But then he started acting weird and she had an abortion. He wrote her hate letters filled with venom and murderous threats.

After sentencing, the coroner reads into evidence the homicide reports.

 In interviews about the abortion the shooter defendant lost his mind. Dekker gave the defendant a deal that takes the death penalty off the table. Hearn argued for that and  after the victims families say they don't want to be washed through a trial. Dekker demands that the coroner read descriptions of the victims and the details of their lives so any future competency hearing will take this into consideration.

TJ then takes a few days off, and Morales tries to call him. The phone rings on a empty bed in a vacant hotel room.

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