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The Event-The Beginning of the The End- recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 18th May 2011

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Sophia has a dream about a death-filled apocalypse and a child screaming at her that it is all her fault. President Martinez starts to recover from the stroke coma and Jarvis gets nervous. President Jarvis shows up at the hospital to get information from the doctor but he doesn't completely break client confidentiality.

Jarvis approaches Christina about keeping Elias in bed because this could be a false alarm. Christina screams at him about poisoning the President in front of a lot of people at the hospital but gets called to Elias' bedside when he wakes up. The doctors and nurses stare in wonder and the miracle return. Elias makes Christina talk and she tells him about how Agent Lee saved him from Jarvis' poisoning. But Elias is stunned to hear Jarvis fired Blake.

Simon Lee and Blake meet for coffee and discuss the weapon flown over on the plane from Russia. TV coverage of the mall scare is on the news and they both know it is not a terrorist attack. Simon Lee recognizes the man on the stretcher, Sophia's operative. Blake tells Lee they were working on ice core samples. The plane had the weapon coming back from Russia, Blake knows Jarvis has the Air Force escort called off. Lee and Blake trace the man's address and details for clues abut what Sophia is doing.

Meanwhile Sophia wonders if the virus can't be retrenched just to kill most of the humans. She says this method of killing goes against everything they stand for. Laila is sick but her mutation is what the aliens need. The doctor says this virulent strain will kill everything human. The physician says that the humans would kill them if the places were reversed and that they have to make way for their people. Sophia tells the doctor to kill Laila after they leave, but painlessly.
Sean and Victoria looks for clues about where the mall assassins were working out of. They want to find Sophia and check the location from the wallet and identification of the dead operative at the mall. Blake Sterling and Agent Lee also find this hideout and turn guns on Walker and Vicki. But Blake is recognized and so is Agent Lee, an they realize they are working on the same team. Blake knows Walker from Colorado and the Russian plane flight manifest.

Jarvis gets slapped by Chrsitina in front of everyone at the hospital. He calls Sophia and panics. But Sophia lies to him and gets him to change a satellite orbit so she can follow the progress of the disease via satellite and yet evade surveillance or capture. But she also wants it out of the way of something else.
Blake knows about Walker's computer abilities and remembers Vicki from when she was framed at the CIA and went bad.


Vicki replies evenly that she is not that person anymore. Lee comments on the happenings between Michael and Laila at the compound. Laila staying behind is something Lee feels guilty about.

They don't find anything but then they run for the trash dumpsters. Blake gets a call from the President (Martinez) because he needs to know what is going on. A distraught Sean wonders if Laila is even alive anymore.

Sophia reveals to her operatives that the canisters of the Spanish Flu are being put in place at a currency printing press as ink and at other locations. One man at the printing press wants a superior to approve it and gets curious and gets shot. Sophia coordinates closely at the factory and at other locations the aliens suit up and act like regular employees. Meanwhile Lee shares with Blake and Walker and Vicki why the timetable has bene moved up.

Walker finds receipts in the dumpster mess centered around a base in Maryland. They use the Chief of Staff's security database password because he gave it to Blake and because Blake's access has been blocked. Sean locates cameras that trace the man's movements and Blake and Simon drive the research. Sean taps up surveillance of the garage location Sophia's people have been coordinating from.


Sophia and her teams move on but the doctor moves to give Laila a sedative and a fatal dosage to kill her. She says that Michael never got around to telling her that the aliens were on Earth first.

Martinez and the Chief of Staff enter the Oval Office. Elias accuses Jarvis of working for Sophia. Jarvis babbles about a peace accord. He threatens Elias with his own ill-health and says  parliamentary procedure has to happen to reinstate him as President and that Jarvis will get experts to say he is not fit. The Chief of Staff walks the line. A stunned Elias realizes Jarvis can effect him from taking power again.

Agent Lee drives the vehicle to the garage hideout and spots the ancient writings that Walker has in his lap. He is stunned to see Walker carrying them around. Blake and Vicki listen with interest while Walker talks about Dempsey giving them the manuscript and Simon Lee says he knew a whole lot more than he was telling. Vicki distracts the guards until Blake can shoot them. Lee gets the next prisoner to confess who is still left. Walker leaps out of his skin when he realizes Laila is still a prisoner there.

Meanwhile the doctor has tried to kill Laila but got smashed when administering the fatal dose. Laila gets off the table and out of the restraints in time to stick the doctor with the sedative needle. She turns to see Sean coming but she can't leave the plastic bubble. Laila and Sean have a moment, at long last touching through the plastic. Laila looks pale and ill.

She tells a stunned Blake and Simon that the laptop nearby controls the entire operation and she has been infected with a mutation. Sean says he will get her out of the plastic but she says she is sick and they can't touch or be together. Sean is rocked by this news.

Simon and Blake realize the key to everything is in decoding the doctor's laptop but it has a cipher key. Blake nodes to Simon, who ties up the doctor and tortures her. She refuses to tell them anything but then Blake gives another signal and Lee grabs a drill and starts boring into her eyes, threatening to hurt her just enough to keep her in agony but not die.

Simon gets to the doctor, who starts screaming out the numbers to Blake and Walker working the laptop. Elsewhere Sophia's people linger purposefully at airports and the money printing press and at factory facilities wait for the go signal to loose the Spanish Flu. Can Blake's connections and Walker's skill make a difference?

Sophia is on the move, getting updates about the operation and the array. She says Jarvis moved the satellite and so she authorizes powering it to move the home planet's people and the mechanical parts work and a white light signal beams out into space.

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