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Hawaii-Five-0 (2010) -Oia-i-o- recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 18th May 2011

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Rachel and Williams start to make plans for the future. Steve and Chin Ho cross paths with the Governor and a pretty executive in the mansion, and Steve says for Chin Ho to ask her out. Steve says she is "sexting" him with her eyes every time they meet. Before leaving, the Governor tells the woman times have changed, she can ask Chin Ho out. Then the woman goes to her car and starts it and a violent explosion sends her into smithereens.

The Governor sees this and is very upset. Steve and the 5-0 crew arrive to investigate. Agent Kaye says this is retaliation of Wo-Fat for getting his operatives. She finds a claymore type bomb and Steve goes to investigate a likely aftermarket vendor in post government issue munitions.

Steve and Danno apprehend the suspect but he says the guy who he sold the claymore parts to was named Steve McGarrett. Steve brings a laptop with a video conference to the man's brother in the marines in Iraq. He says he was brought while on patrol to see about his brother back home being in trouble.
Steve says that if he doesn't come clean about what really happened, his brother will be thrown out of the Army in disgrace. The man finally admits it was a setup and identifies a photo of Wo-Fat.

Chin Ho is handed back his badge with the Hawaii Police Department as the rank of lieutenant although he finished as a detective. Chin Ho does not understand and says the locker misunderstanding should have finished his career and passes up the badge for the work at 5-0. His conduct is the reason he is told he is given his elevated rank. Chin Ho's uncle's business seems to finally be behind him.

Interrogating the munitions suspect starts to look like a frame-up. But finally he names Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) as the decision maker. Williams gets a call from Rachel to meet him. She does and then tells him she hasn't told Stan yet but that she is pregnant. Danno says he will take her back to Jersey that night at the airport with Grace and that wherever they are is where his heart is.

But when the 5-0 group investigate the dead woman's apartment, Steve finds the envelopes that he was being sent of his father's stolen evidence. Steve thinks that the woman was the one trying to hint his father's investigation back to life. They find an antique key there that Kaye says goes to an antique secretoire bureau.

Steve and Danno update the governor, but Steve notices an antique desk in her office and clams up. He shares his suspicions with Williams, who says he is crazy. McGarrett sneaks into the Governor's office that night and opens the bureau with the key, finding surveillance photographs of the dead woman placing evidence on Steve's truck while the Governor had her standing luncheon each week at Turtle Bay.

Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kwan) sees a colleague at Hawaii PD walking upstairs with money bags of partially burnt bills. (These are the bills from the asset locker heist). He says they found them out where Chin Ho knows the fire of the bills occurred. Chin Ho realizes the other money put back will look wrong to authorities when the bill numbers are investigated.

The prisoner witness of the claymores is being transferred and gets killed by an attack. The only person they told that he named Wo Fat was the Governor. McGarrett realizes the Governor is the government leak. As McGarrett shows the the latest clue to the gang, Chin Ho gets a call from his old friend saying he may need the job at the police department after all because an arrest warrant is out for McGarrett.

In the Hawaii 5-0 office, sirens start sounding and SWAT crews invade the building with an arrest warrant for McGarrett. Williams (Scott Caan) says he is being framed. Steve tells the crew to wipe down the machine of the photos and evidence and tries to make a run for it. He bats aside some of the officers and gets out of the building, stealing a car and running for the shaved-freeze connection. When he gets there he asks for a gun.

Shave ice says he can't even have a gun because he is on probation. But when Steve insists he opens a rusted ice cream truck on back lot with a state of the art weapons arsenal equal to none. Steve assents at the need for a weapon overtaking the legality of its source at times.
At the Hawaii 5-0 office, officer Kono is taken by Internal Affairs about the asset locker heist. Danny tells her to say nothing. Williams tells Kaye to work on not letting the investigator get any data from their machines.

McGarrett breaks into the Governor's mansion at night, overcoming two very violent bodyguards. Steve confronts the Governor, who doesn't know what he is talking about. Steve says his father must have caught onto her and this was the case he was killed for. He says the whole 5-0 force was created because she needed to keep an eye on him and what he was doing. He put a smartphone on th desk and records her confession.

The Governor (Jean Smart) assents that Steve saw her in cahoots with the Polynesian organized crime lord and that she put the money back into the asset locker forfeiture inventory after the heist to cover up for them. The 5-0 force made her look good so she kept it going.

Steve is barely able to believe what he is hearing, that the Govenr orgainzed his mother's and his father's death. But then he gets knocked on the head from behind, by Wo-Fat, and the Governor asks him what they are going to do now. Then Wo-Fat turns and shoots the Governor. Then he place the gun in Steve's hands and erases the confession and leaves.

Chin Ho and several police officers arrive in seconds to come into the mansion and find the Governor dead. They move to arrest a dazed and barely conscious McGarrett. But then at the car McGarrett asks Chin Ho to let him go. He takes him in. Getting news of this, Williams is frustrated to get a call from Rachel, who is waiting with Grace at the airport.

At the police lineup, the woman who talked to Kono during the heist identifies her and she is booked. They take her badge pending the case for review. While being booked she runs into McGarrett,  who is also being booked for murder of the Governor. They both look very worried. At the airport, Rachel and Grace get on the plane alone.


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