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Written by : published Monday 31st January 2011

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The machine from "The First People" activates when Peter walks into the engineering floor. The machine opens, and electricity and magnetics play games. He checks out medically despite his father's concerns. Fake Olivia's file is cracked and Peter is prominently mentioned. Massive Dynamic works on the machine but can't isolate its properties or operations.
Nina leads the team concerning the next step. Dr. Falconer, a physician, undertakes tests with radiation on Peter. He has a nosebleed when the machine starts acting up in the lab. William's work shows a retroviral serum based on Walter's DNA. Nina tells Walter that a lab fire ruined the experiment labels. But Walter opens a tube and sniffs, desperate to restart his brain growth. The expresses concern that Dr. Falconer's exam is wrong.
The dead fish in the agency pond alerts them to a dead body. The agents identify the victim as a shapeshifter with a missing hard drive drisk. The mechanics of the Massive Dynamics computer are shut down as work continues on the Other Olivia's files. The dead shapeshifter was mentioned in the Other Olivia's file in one of many lists with no reason. Olivia and Peter find more evidence at the crime scene, Falconer's home. The killer may have been human.
Boyles and Dunham realize this is too close. Agent Dunham tells Walter about the possibility of a mole  and Peter hurries him away from the hearing of the physician. The interviewers scan the facial muscles of the Massive Dynamic employees for breaks that show guilt concerning Michael Baird the shapeshifter in the water.
List of governments employees and local cops might be a shapeshifter replacements.  Falconer overhears this and leaves. When Olivia and Peter discuss whether he should be questioned, the agent discovers that Dr. Falconer left early for the day. The team finds Falconer's shapeshifter body destroyed with the hard drive missing. Falconer's name is on the Other Olivia's lists as well. The execution type killing style has the agents perplexed.
Walter examines the dead Falconer and finds blood under his fingernails. A-positive. Nina Sharp's chief scientists, Brendon Fayed, has type A blood and accessed the hard drive area during this time. Just then, a woman (Jackie Bermudez) runs down an alley and knocks a tramp out. Breaking her facial bones and changing her muscles, she connects the electrical cord to his mouth and transforms into the tramp. Shapeshifting complete, she is shot from behind by Peter, advancing with a gun in a hood. Meanwhile Dunham sees that Brandon passes the polygraph test.
Dunham insists on scanning the other Olivia' files. Walter gets a call from Nina concerning why Peter isn't at the lab for tests. Dunham cracks the code, realizing the other Olivia was just like her and doing the same thing with ciphers. The fourth person is Zach Alpert. As`a hooded stranger watches a man come home, we see it's Peter. He breaks in and shoots the man coldly, but turns him over to find a dummy. The man intended to die pops out of the dark and turns a gun on him, saying 'I was expecting  you".
Zach Alpert is the man who almost kills Peter when Walter comes in. Alpert taunts him by saying they can hurt him, just not kill him. Peter hacks Alpert's fingers off and kills him.  Walter asks Peter, "You killed them all didn't you?". Walter is horrified as Peter says he isn't doing anything wrong. he says he is tired of being reactive. Dunham calls to say they're going to Zach Alpert's apartment, which is where both men are standing. They leave. Walter analyzes the process as the machine having "weaponized" Peter. This is the reciprocity of the exchange the machine executed when Peter touched it.
The civilization for the dinosaurs is looked for in the book, The First People, found in museums and private collections around the world. The agent says they weren't the only ones looking for copies of the book. They learn that William Bell was also looking for copies of the book. Peter becomes more solidified into this "new persona" as the mystery grows deeper.

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I like to watch TV shows from classic eras as well as contemporary drama and comedy. Science Fiction is fun, and shows like the Cape and Fringe keep hope alive that the medium that produced Space 1999 is alive. Comedy such as 30 Rock is usually, good, but not always. I like Survivor but it has so little to do with survivor skills I am disappointed. Appointment viewing is Grey's Anatomy, NCIS LA, The CSI series for New York and Las Vegas and Miami, with a special shout out for the new Hawaii Five O. Gordon Ramsay's Hells Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares are top of the line viewing for the drama comedy Gordon's character and the business lessons they teach.

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