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Survivor: Redemption Island Finale Episode: Instant reaction to the Finale

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Written by : published Monday 16th May 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island Finale Episode:  Instant reaction to the Finale main image

Deal with it:  Boston Rob has won Survivor.


You can watch the Survivor: Redemption Island Finale here, and be sure to read my Survivor Examiner Finale Recap too!


I’m elated that Rob has finally won, not just because I like him as a player, but that it is refreshing when a truly deserving player wins it all.  If you like strategic players, he was a dream come true, and that kind of player if my cup of tea on the show.  It’s no easy fete to overcome the “bitter jury” syndrome  either, especially having come into the game with an existing target on his back the size of Boston.


It’s surprising to me that Rob seems to have become a polarizing player, but there is no question…repeat NO QUESTION!...that in my mind, Rob pitched the “perfect game” of Survivor.  Probst re-iterated this fact and I find it hard to argue.  For one, Survivor is different season in and season out, so “perfect” is relative to that player’s season, the twists, and the people that made it up.  But very few Survivor winners have EVERYTHING go the way the plan from Day 1 to Day 39.  It was a clinic.  Did Rob have an unfair advantage having played 3 times before?  Perhaps.  Did Rob make the most of the cards dealt to him?  Absolutely.


Sadly his winning the game more than likely signals the end of Boston Rob on Survivor.  Now that he’s won, there is absolutely no reason to play the game ever again.  We are left with a legacy and a character that will live on as the face of the show long after it’s gone, and trust me, his gameplay this season will be the model used in future seasons by contestants wanting to duplicate his dominance.


In the next week or two, I’ll be updating my lists of “Most Memorable Seasons Ever” and “Best Winners Ever.”  Where do you think Redemption Island ranks?  Where does Boston Rob rank?


Speaking of Redemption Island, what are your thoughts on this new twist?  One thing’s for sure, it’s here to stay, at least for one more season, as announced during the Live Reunion Show.  Personally, as it played out this season, I ended up really liking it.  It created extra drama each week and allowed for many of the players to stay on the show a bit longer.  Part of my pleasure with how it worked out does have to do with the fact that nobody from RI won the game.  Had Matt won this season?  I’d be horribly upset.  To me, you just can’t have your torch snuffed at any point and call yourself “Sole Survivor.”  But in reality, it existed this season to keep colorful characters alive, and it created good drama with Matt’s incredible run.  Both returning players from RI were voted off immediately at the next Tribal Council, a trend that I think may unfortunately continue moving forward.  I just hope it never plays a factor in sending a person back into the game and then on to win the game.


I must comment on a Survivor tradition omitted from this season’s Finale…where the heck was the “fallen comrades” segment?  You know, the part where they go and burn the torches of all the players that came before and awkwardly comment on them as they go.  Cheesy yes, necessary no.  But I come to expect this segment!  Survivor needs to keep some of these familiar rituals going, and I hope this wasn’t the end of it.


So what’s next?  Boston Rob has sealed his legacy in the game, but the game continues.  Next Fall’s 23rd season of Survivor will be called Survivor: South Pacific, and we know that love it or hate it, Redemption Island will be back.  We also know that 2 returning players will be back as well.  Start speculating now!  Could we be in store for the talked about Phillip vs. Coach showdown?  Do you like the idea of bringing players back anyways?


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