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NCIS Los Angeles - Imposters- Recap

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Written by : published Friday 13th May 2011

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A phony Navy Seal wannabe starts flaming in a Malibu restaurant. Nell and Eric show the restaurant video of the burning man. He burned because it was a chemical burn. The radio pharmaceuticals stolen from the NCIS hospital case has residue found on the burnt man. The fourth canister was missing and they may have found it. The video reveals he burns up and water doesn't help. Forensics show phosphorus burns and radioactivity.

Investigations by Nell and Eric show the dead man frequented a Santa Monica bar called The Prince O'Wales. Hanna and Callen check it out but the bartender thinks the dead man was a Navy SEAL. Deaks finds the car with a Hide-a-Key and finds bomb making explosives in the trunk. The dead man is identified as Dundas, a man posing as a ex-Navy Seal who really is living on proceeds from a construction accident.

Hetty has been arguing with Director Vance on the phone when Callen comes looking for him. Hetty asks to speak to Deaks alone. Hetty talks to him about the future and hands him a folder with his resignation for the police force. Deaks gets offered a permanent NCIS job but isn't ready to take it. His identity as a LAPD officer is in question but Hetty says she has signed and dated it so whenever he feels ready to commit he can.

Hanna has a solo sailboat trip coming up. Hetty avoids Callen but talks to Hanna about being Callen's anchor. The bartender at the Prince O''Wales fakes them out about the security tapes but Hanna tracks readioactivty where Dundad sat at thebar the last night. The bartender at

the boatshed interrogation says only Star the waitress knew Dundas the dead poseur.

Hetty gives Kenzi a silver hair ornament that doubls as a stiletto weapon. Hetty says Kenzi is both feminine and deadly, but perhaps too much of both. Kenzi is puzzled when Hetty drops a hint that the time may come when she will want to hang up her agent shoes. Kenzi protests the guys she meets usually give up on her but Hetty tells her she may have to open her eyes and see the one right under her nose.

Kenzi and Deaks interview the waitress star, who is pretty and ask if Deaks if with Kenzi. Deaks hints they are friends with privileges but Kenzi says no. When Star says she doesn't have a boyfriend, Deaks say that's a crime and tries to give Star his number but Kenzi grabs the paper and says to Star she's doing it for her own security. Star says Dundas was a loner but came into some money recently on a big assignment. The NCIS team fear a dirty bomb in the making.

Nell data mines the Prince O'Wales receipts and find a connection between Dundas and a anarchist busted  a few times doing war rally protests. Callen and Hanna trail the man to his motorhome. They think it is abandoned, but then the man drives away and wrecks it a thousand yards from where they are standing. At the boatshed, Callen pushes the anarchist's paranoia and fear of their spook devices, then surgically asks who the instigator of the Dundas' assignment, the new bomb project is.


 They set the met. The proxy comes to the bar. Hanna answers all of the speakerphone questions but then the proxy leaves and runs off. Deaks (Eric Chrsitian Olsen) and Hanna catch him.
Eric (Barrett Foa) couldn't trace the phone fast enough. The blogger Shepherd evades their tracking. But the proxy, Drew Stetson, is the courier who earns a life in prison with the bomb.  Shepherd puts a call to arms on his blog about government. The NCIS focus on target for the bomb.

Callen finally gets face time with Hetty. Hetty says being in charge sucks because everybody is always looking to you. The true test of a commander is when he is as scared as anybody else, you find the strength to act. Callen takes this to heart.

Hanna (L.L. Cool J) posits the target is a Pershing Square rally in downtown Los Angeles. Deaks brings his bomb sniffer dog, a mangy mutt that Hanna disrespects. After canvassing the area,  Hanna checks a guitar case and Kenzi sees a lone backpack. Deaks and the dog sniff up on a maintenance worker, whom Deaks instantly knows is Shepherd. The man runs off as Deaks confirms the device planted in the trash. Kenzi trips him and catches him.

People run everywhere as the NCIS sound the alarm and police run the crowds away. Callen (Chris O' Donnell) and Hanna are about to reach in the trash can when Hanna sees the bomb squad and holds Hanna back. He says that the bomb squad should retrieve the bomb and disarm it and Hanna agrees they shouldn't suit up for nothing on such a hot day.

They all realize that Hetty (Linda Hunt) has been giving them hints she won't be around and they rush back to the boatshed. A new officer (Claire Forlani) says that she is now in charge and that Hetty is gone. Callen ignores the new boss and demands Nell get the Director Vance on the phone. The new general tells them that Vance will be giving them a briefing via televideo shortly and could she see Callen in her office when they are through?

Meanwhile Hetty is seen coming up the subway steps of an East German or Western European town where German or Czechoslovakian speaking men try to run up behind her. Hetty sense them and calmly flicks her wrist, and a gun pops into her hand. The men see this and flee, and Hetty continues with her umbrella on the way.


Has Hetty retired?


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