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The Event-One Will Die, One Will Live- recap

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Written by : published Thursday 12th May 2011

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Laila refuses to reveal anything Sophia, who locks her up. They know the counteragent is missing from the lab. Coates questions Jarvis, who is irritable Blake Sterling is so hard to replace. He tells Coates once again that Blake is a warning.

Sophia calls Jarvis and warns him. Jarvis quails but Sophia reminds that if Martinez`recovers everything is over. Jarvis orders a guard around Martinez' hospital room that excludes his wife. Surreptitious troops surround Sterling's home.
Sean and Vicki chase after the rental car. Sean hacks into the rental car company and finds the car located at a mall. Sean knows they will use the gas at once.
Carlos gives Sophia a bulletin that radiation at the home system is critical, they have to make room. Sophia learns the virus kills too quickly and Sophia says they are doing a test. She gets a call from her operative  from the plane, who sits in the security office at the mall.

A depressed Blake Sterling hears a noise in his house and points a gun at Simon Lee. But bfore Blake shoots him he says he as the antidote for Martinez. But Blake sees agents outside and Lee realizes Jarvis suspects they would be working together if Sophia warned him. Lee says that Blake can shot him but get the agent to Martinez to make him well.

Sean and Vicki come to the mall and split up.Sean is observed on the cameras by Sophia via remote feed. Sophia goes to ask Laila what Sean knows but Laila won't tell her. Sophia is infuriated and says Sean's and her father's blood is on her hands. Sean empties his gun onto the roof agents when Sophia sends her operative to capture him.

Lee calls 911 on the Seals and they are delayed invading the house. They find nobody there. When Lee escapes, Jarvis calls Sophia and explodes. He says their agreement is over because she has changed the terms. Sophia snarls at Jarvis he'll be put away for life if Martinez gets better. She tells him to shut down access to the hospital.

 Alex is on the roof adjusting the virus into the air system. Sean attacks them with  gun and delays them. Vicki tries a fire alarm but they have been disabled. She pistol whips a guard into helping her and they race for the security office. They activate evacuation protocols and Vicki runs through the mall getting everybody out.
Then Vicki shows up on the roof. Sean has jumped the man and shot him in a scuffle. The girl Alex flees and gets on a bus when she sees the mall project deactivated. She calls Sophia while Sean deactivates the device and shoots holes in the power supply.

Jarvis gets intelligence news that Blake called Mrs. Martinez for 24 seconds. When Jarvis gets to the hospital he plays nice and says he forgot to tell the Attorney General she could visit her husband. Jarvis says Blake is working with the aliens. Christina says that Blake called her and said to meet him at a warehouse. Jarvis goes back the white house and orders satellite coverage of the warehouse.

In the War Room, the general declines to order a guided weapon hit when they see Agent Lee and Blake Sterling get out of  car and go into the warehouse. Other employees order the hit and they see the warehouse explode. Peale stares at the tyrant Jarvis has become.

When Christina walks back in the hospital she gets some flowers while Secret Service detail stands by. Agent Lee is the clerk. Christina goes to Elias' room and says a novia while injecting Martinez in the arm.

Peale is appalled at Jarvis' behavior but watches warily. Jarvis calls Blake a traitor and demands confirmation of the kill. Jarvis gets a decryption of the phone call, and Blake tells Christina to go outside to a phone booth to get another call. Just then the ground crew at the warehouse discovers a hidden stairway. Jarvis is livid to discover Blake outsmarted him.

Sophia meets Alex, who apologizes for the debacle at the mall She turns to show Sophia a full bus of corpses laid out dead. The scientist examines the bodies and tells Sophia they need a host with intermediate qualities. The virus will be stonger if it jumps a species. Sophia says they need a hybrid, and has a version of the Spanish Flu injected into a restrained and screaming Laila. Carlos holds her down as Sophia tells her she is a bridge between the species.

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