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House- Changes- recap

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Written by : published Thursday 12th May 2011

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Donal Logue stars as Si, a lottery winner whose quest for love gets hm cancer and a run in with House's team.


House reacts to his former girlfriend telling him her mother (Candace Bergen) is suing the hospital.House's enforced treatment and switched her meds. But House is needed in the meetings. Cuddy does not get House's participation.


Thirteen is skeptical about ife and House says "It's like there is two of me".House takes several mments to point out 13 is even more down on life than he is.


When the news of Si collapsing gets into the news the real love of his life shows up. He offers her everything as the amazed doctors work.But then Cuddy's ban on House treating anybody gets the patient released. As the real love of his lie shows up he collapses. Cyrus' cousin Phil is very skeptical of her.


But the lottery winner who searches every woman for the woman named in the phone book from a lost weekend in Jersey decades ago.

Si won $42 million in the lottery but works as a refrigerator repairman.They find out he eats most of his meals from cans.


13 says the life is cast in the DNA no cash payout will change your destiny. But this might change when Si might get what he wants after al. Thirteen eyes the woman who comes to see Si every day.


Foreman and Chase continue their feud, Chase over his addiction to sex and Foreman avoiding his rage issues. Chase fixes the machine twice, but Foreman takes beta blockers so he knows the machine is false.


House tells off his mother in law might have been saying they won't get back together and that is what she has been trying to do all along.


The lottery winner  is thrilled with his lady love and gives his cousin a check for $13 million. But 13 notices the woman is wearing contacts under her glasses. Then Cyrus asks her a question about a birthmark she doesn't know. Its the only thing he didn't tell Phil. it was a scam.


But after all of it House diagnoses a cancer causing cyst of primitive cells. The real Jennifer shows up at the hospital for Cyrus after all but 13 is not impressed.


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