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The Good Wife -Getting Off -Recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 11th May 2011

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A court case starts with Sarah Silverman as Stefanie, about a website of sexual encounters with her as the owner and the defendant. The phallus of the victim Sean Broglio was cut off and chilled in a champagne bucket. The website is called side encounters.com. Nancy Crozier the young blonde attorney will be matched with Alicia again this time around. Alicia refuses to be put off by the sexual subject matter.

Alicia meets with David King to discuss the separation and divorce. He says his office is a monastery of confidentiality. Alicia asks about financial protection. King asks for information about their joint expenses and tax returns. Alicia is barely sure she needs to be doing anything about it. She has not made a decision about divorce but for income and alimony purposes King advises Alicia to wait and file next year when Florrick's income can be tapped.


The widow of the de-membered man gives testimony that Sean was murdered because he was lying about sexual encounters on sideencounters.com. The photos from the private gallery on the website show lurid sexual acts. Dana the widow is sympathetic and says the husband and wife always told the truth to each other until he found the website. Mrs. Briglio refuses to read the restraining against him from a woman her husband met well before he used the website.
Carey and Kalinda work on the case together since the civil case has a criminal component to follow. Carey tells Kalinda that he is staying put at the State Attorney's office. The murder case might be a serial killer for Texas. Carey tells Kalinda that Florrick doesn't seem to think having a grief with Alicia is a minus. That's a hint.
Kalinda Sharma goes to an auction where her old boss in corporate investigation is working.  Kalinda accepts a job almost sight unseen. Alicia discusses the nature of sexual desire with Stefanie and gets to thinking about wanting someone other than a monogamous choice. Later that night Alicia ists on her bed and pulls otu a magazine of the top bachelors. A huge photo of Will Gardner is in there, which she stares at. (fade to black).


Peter Florrick's mother Jackie comes to visit Zack and Grace while Alicia is at work. She fishes for news about what Alicia is thinking. She makes Peter look sympathetic. Jackie makes comments about the Florrick's marriage and the moving out overnight of Peter Florrick. Zack stands up for the arrangement and his mom. Grace says they are not supposed to talk about it.


Then in the murder case Nancy Crozier refuses the offer of insurance limit in the civil case. Carey's involvement has made the plaintiff attorney confident. But Grace shows up and Alicia jumps up. Driving Grace home, Alicia learns that Grandma Jackie Florrick has come over for a visit. Alicia gets very scared that Mrs. Florrick will influence custody of the children. She learns from David King that Jackie can't influence the custody but the teenagers will have some say and not to become the difficult parent.

Kalinda comes to Alicia's office to chat and Alicia tells her off. Alicia specifically tells her not to explain or make excuses. Kalinda  doesn't get a  word in. She tells her to find other cases and walk the other way and she will scream if Kalinda does not get out of her office. Kalinda confirms to Will she is leaving.  The parade of witness against the Lockhart Gardner client is significant.

In court Kalinda notices the plaintiff's counsel has little hearts all over her notepad. Kalinda tells Will she will be leaving. Will thinks she wants more money and Kalinda says it is final. Will later notices real friction between Alicia and Kalinda and is confused. Alicia is assigned first chair in the sideencounters.com case because she is a  visible public figure whose husband cheated on her and this may win sympathetic jury votes.

Alicia goes to a fancy restaurant  and tells Mrs. Florrick not to come to the home without her permission. Mrs. Florrick plays games and fishes for more information. Alicia tells her she needs things repeated twice and Mrs. Florrick is outraged at the "lack of respect". Jackie Florrick says spitefully about Peter that he'll get custody. He's state attorney. Alicia says 'He banged a hooker 18 times, are you sure?"

Jackie says how horrible she is and Alicia says she doesn't know the half of it. Jackie shouts that she lived in their house she know what went on. Alicia turns and says "I don't know what you mean by that?". (Possibly Jackie means to imply in a divorce they had separate bedrooms.)

The owner of the sexual website gets prepped for court by Alicia. But when Alicia says she doesn't understand the whole "sexual encounters" dynamic the client suggest to Alicia that the lack of freedom in a relationship is about fear. But later when Nancy Crozier's hearts are seen by Kalinda in a file in Carey's office she realizes Lockhart Gardner is being used to make the murder case about their client.

Alicia ignores Kalinda's call about Carey's ploy. But in court Crozier makes the play to point the finger at the client for the murder. Kalinda discovers that the widow drives the same model car seen driving away from the murder site. Will says if Alicia wants to talk, he's available. Kalinda tells Will about the Florrick's separation and Will is afraid to believe he might have a chance to be happy with Alicia.

Will tells Alicia to work with Kalinda prepping the murder case. Kalinda explains her involvement with Peter but Alicia is upset that Kalinda made her a friend out of pity. Kalinda says she has found another job and Alicia says 'good".

Then Kalinda finds the avatar of the sideencounters.com killer while slamming everything off her desk and giving Alicia dirty looks thoug the glass. The avatar is the crop of a photo masthead from a newspaper where one of the editors is the client's husband. Pretty special9 was the killer.  When Diane, Will, and Alicia meet with Stephanie she is nonplussed to learn her husband was driving the car that night and the carpet fibers from her home were actually her husband's.
Stefanie stares at Alicia, with whom she discussed jealousy as a component of sexual desire. Alicia is silently vindicated in her trust that real love would matter. But Stefanie can't believe he cares that much. Stefanie jumps up and runs and kisses her husband, jumping him in clear view of the partners in the Lockhart Gardner lobby. Will says "I didn't see that going that way". Diane tells them to limit the client's liability.

At the corporate investigations firm, Kalinda's friend walks her down the hall to her new office. One more call came from Will Gardner asking how much she was geeting bumped in salary to move. She tells Kalinda she wll have to hit the ground running, working for the State Attorneys office. Kalinda and she have friends there and Peter Florrick is bringing everyone back. Kalinda collapses in laughter, because no way can she work with Peter Florrick now.

Will listens to Kalinda tell her she is coming back. Will sits stonefaced, saying what about her three day walkabout? Does it have anything to do with Alicia? Will says someday she will have to confide in someone. Kalinda corrects him by saying that she has discovered she doesn't have to confide in anyone at all. Will says he needs her right away on the dead judge case.

Kalinda says she couldn't be leaving because of Alicia. Kalinda goes into the boardroom where Diane is prepping the associates for the next case. Alicia looks at Kalinda and doesn't let her expression change except to let Kalinda know she should have been gone. Diane says that the death of a judge is incredibly difficult to pull off but that the opposing counsel is former State's Attorney Childs, who wil be making his private practice debut and a swan song.


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