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Hawaii-Five-0 (2010) -Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena- recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 11th May 2011

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Readying up for an assault, McGarrett handcuffs the CIA analyst to the door handle of the police car saying she is not a field agent and won't get hurt on his watch. McGarrett readies the squad with photos of Wo-Fat inside the safehouse. There is a thermal signature of one person in the house.
 The 5-0 squad attacks Wo-fat's compound but a tripwire explodes the place. Stunned  after the impact the crew go inside. Outside, the agent attached to the car breaks the door handle and gets in the car.
After extended hunting inside the lanai McGarrett spots not Wo-Fat but the escaped prisoner Sang Min they made a deal with to get out of jail. McGarrett recognises him and Min flees. Min runs off, with Williams following. McGarrett says Sang Min will be running and for Kono to get the word out to all agencies. They run outside the to the cars.
Min runs out the front where he gets run over by Agent Kaye  driving the car. Min gets up and shoots the driver's side, shattering glass.
McGarrett says to the CIA analyst, "Forgive me but wasn't there a car attached to you?"
Danny comes out of the other building unable to breathe and gasping. Williams says he found a body.  But then he passes out, and they rush him to a hospital.
Later the CDC inspect the body in HAZMAT suits and the milk he drank and find symptoms of Sarin gas. Agent Kaye calls McGarrett at the hospital to tell him to get Danny on prelaxidone. She knows this from studying subway attacks at the CIA where Sarin gas was used. A product pull is initiated from local stores selling the milk but only that bottle in the house refrigerator was tainted. The 5-0 squad gather at the hospital to check on Danno.

McGarrett says that they wouldn't have known without Kaye. The CIA agent Jenna Kaye says she may be out of  job. But she says that Sarin brokers are now looking for customers because after  9/11, it's not legal to sell and the price is cheap. McGarrett gets a call from Min saying the situation has changed and they both missed their shot at Wo-Fat. McGarrett hangs on up on Min.

Chin Ho interviews the dead man's daughter. He was AWOL on a missing persons report. Amoka, an old man with Alzheimer's, hung out at a local shelter and had a daghter and grandchildren. He died drinking the tainted milk. The daughter says they used to find the father wandering to a shelter.
The couple that own the house, the Fallons, are interviewed by teleconference. They say the caretaker was writing personal checks on their account to himself. They fired him but the couple from California were supposed to be in Hawaii that week and he bought the food. Kono and Chin Ho scout the local eateries and Gabriel Delgado sees their badges and runs and hides. They chase and bring him in.

McGarrett picks up Grace at school and tells her a version of how Williams is doing. Grace is concerned to see Williams in the hospital bed, not doing so well. She answers her cellphone when her mother calls. The mother wants to talk to Williams and he says he's fine. She insists on coming to see him.
Gabriel stole from the Fallons to cover the leukemia costs of treating his son. The dead homeless man got to know him and was nice to them. Gabriel showed him where the hidden key to the Fallon's house was. But they find a print on the key of Elliott Connor, the CFO of  a big company co-owned by Fallon.

Internal Affairs call Chin Ho. He tells Kono he borrowed against the house and paid back the IA money. Kono learns that the assets locker records were lost. Chin Ho paid back the money and IA can't trace the money because the records were lost. Kono is upset that Chin Ho will go into debt and possibly go to prison for a crime he didn't commit.
Kaye and McGarrett visit Elliott Connor, Jeff Fallon's brother in law. Connor says that the company is starting a big push into Asia. Kaye spots Connor for a liar and McGarrett say he has a tan line where his wedding ring should be. Connor says the business tenseness is due to Fallon insisting Connor break up the affair with Chlie. The company secretary, Chloe, is Connor's alibi. The couple used to use the Fallon house for trysts.

The Sarin gas is from a supplier, identified by the Russian FSB. This is affirmed from the  CIA as from a stash used by  Chechen rebels in Moscow. The courier's name is Mikhail Yursky. He is now on Hawaii. A flight is booked to go to Borneo in that name for the evening but Kono tracks the man to using a nearby ATM. McGarrett and Chin Ho take off.

In the hospital, Grace is ordered to put on her headphones when Danno gets a visit from shaved-ice Kamakona their Hawaiian contact. He brings Danno buckets of greasy Filipino fried chicken. Danno tells him that Sang Min is looking for a way off the island and is on the run for good. He wants Kamekona to find the man again.

Kono delays the ATM but when Yursky sees the police cars and hears sirens, he runs. McGarrett and Chin Ho chase the car and the Yursky runs on foot. He breaks a canister scaling a fence and dies choking on Sarin gas. Chin Ho and McGarrett find 36 gas canisters in the trunk, ready for sale. These are very controlled for sale globally because of their use for terrorism. Fallon industries sells the canisters.

A government operative shows up in the Hawaii-5-0 offices.  Chin Ho is the target. The Inspector says the Internal Affairs department set up the "worst kept secret on the island',  that the asset locker records were lost, as a ploy. They say they knew when Chin Ho started spending the money that they could trace the bills. But he never did spend any money. The serial numbers on the bills stolen don't match the bills returned.

But the department of IA knows that he isn't the one who took it because  Chin Ho never spent any money. The man says he's not going to ask where Chin Ho got the replacement money, but that his uncle needs to answer to the people of Hawaii. Chin Ho will not be charged with obstruction of justice because the IA man knows he was trying to protect his uncle and so the uncle will be charged. Chin Ho says that they've got their money why can't they be happy. Kono says to Chin Ho that this has gone far enough.

McGarrett turns a furious eye on Chin Ho, asking where did he get the money. He confesses he signed the deed of his house over to a bookie to get it. But Agent Kaye interrupts saying she found something. Fallon Industries sell the gas canisters and has phone calls to the dead man Yursky on three different days. McGarrett and Chin Ho confront Connor, who says he was out of town those days but the secretary took the calls.

When Chin Ho looks for the secretary she is gone. During interrogation after they find her, they learn that she wanted the Fallons dead so Connor could have the company and he could divorce his wife and keep it. She tried to make it look like terrorists.

McGarrett posits that she got Yursky to plant the milk in exchange for dummying invoices to sell the canisters. The company's legal department did not approve the canisters for legal sale and Connor didn't know about the deal. This was Chloe's payday.

Rachel and Williams have grown close since his attack, and she kisses him when she arrives. When  McGarrett visits late at night in the hospital at Danno's room, he is wide eyed to find Rachel curled up against Williams, asleep. Next day Rachel and Williams agree they are together again. She says she was looking for any excuse to see him.

Rachel says that the latest trip was for Stan and Rachel to try and give the marriage one last shot, but she isn't sure there was anything to save. Williams gives Rachel a hug and kisses, and watches her drive out of sight. Rachel, smiling, watches Danno in her side mirror for a long time too.

So when Williams comes into the 5-0 office, he gives them all a round of hugs, even Agent Kaye. But when McGarrett asks about Rachel he gives him a hug too. This gets broken up when the sound breaks  that guns are being cocked, and Min Sang walks into their office.

McGarrett asks how he got in there, and Min says he'll do anything plead to the maximum charge, just to be taken into protective custody. Min Sang says he tried to make things right with Wo Fat but he says he will come for him and kill him, and then Steve is next.


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