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Brothers and Sisters-Walker Down the Aisle

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Written by : published Wednesday 11th May 2011

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Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) wakes up to tell Kitty (Calista Flockhart) she didn't sleep all night. Brody (Beau Bridges) and Nora (Sally Field) are definitely together. Sarah's daughter Paige climbs the phone wires getting them to allow her boyfriend to come.  Olivia calls Stephen on her behalf but the answer is no. Kitty confides that the pregnancy is complicated.
Brody agrees with Nora he won't come to the wedding but he says he isn't out of her picture at all. Steven and Kitty tease Sarah about the heavy crushes she used to have on boys when Sarah questions how lovey-dovey Brody and Nora are. Sarah's "something blue" is the handkerchiefs of William Walker's that Saul brought Sarah some time ago.
Justin stops by the hotel to see Tyler but a co-worker asks is Tyler is bringing her husband to a company event. The separation is a secret and Justin is tired of secrets.
Meanwhile Luc's mother arrives but the father is not there. Luc says there is a history of his mother playing around on his father and not telling him the truth. Luc has no idea if she has lied to him to keep him away or what's going on.
Kitty hasn't told anyone she is pregnant but it slips out when Steven comes in to help do the wedding. As the wedding planner Steven is appalled to get a call from Saul (Ron Rifkin) saying the bakery made a wrong date for cake and there is no cake. Saul and his boyfriend Jonathan (Richard Chamberlain) have been up all night making wedding cupcakes. Steven blows a  gasket but Sarah says that is fine.

Sarah gets ready and goes to Nora's to find the "something old". Sarah rejects all the jewelry except the locket that Brody gave Nora when they were young.  Sarah says this was something Nora wore on special occasions because they knew they had a babysitter when she wore it. Nora bits her tongue and doesn't tell Sarah it was a gift from her natural father.

As Nora prepares to leave, Brody comes in to see how beautiful she looks. Kitty comes downstairs to find Brody in the house. Brody is relaxed and comfortable. Kitty tells Nora she'll wait in the car. Sarah ends up approving Paige's boyfriend. The wedding party arrives at the church.

Justin and Tommy discuss how Tyler is making Justin crazy again. Tommy says wedding desperation is catnip to women. Justin should have easy pickings from the women at the wedding so why play games with Tyler? A cute and sassy brunette walks in and charms them both. She makes her way to the ladies' room and updates her makeup, seeing Kitty having dry heaves. When the girl guesses why Kitty is sick, Olivia come out of the stall and learns she is pregnant. Olivia is stuffing tissue into the top of her dress,

Sarah goes looking for Kitty and finds her daughter and Kitty in the restroom. Sarah puzzles over the girl who says oh, the pregnant girl ? Steven swears Kitty isn't pregnant  to calm her down. Sarah wonders what's going on. Luc approaches Sarah about something not being quite right with her mother. Steven prevents them from seeing each other.

In the tense buildup to the wedding Sarah just doesn't feel ready to walk down the aisle. Steven greets Kitty's younger boyfriend and makes some remarks about Kitty's pregnancy that don't sit right. Sarah ends up going for a walk outside while the whole wedding guestship waits impatiently.

Brody's motorhome is parked outside the church and Brody comes out and sees Sarah.  He says that was a fast wedding and Sarah acknowledges the ceremony has yet to take place. He invites her inside for a beer. Sarah in her wedding dress sits in the cramped motorhome table with Brody. Brody says he always thought Sarah might be his because she corrected a stumble at her high school graduation like an athlete.

Sarah learns Brody has been around when she was younger, without her knowing,  for her high school graduation and a production of "Oklahoma" and other things, behidn the scenes.  Sarah realizes Brody has been present but couldn't interact. Sarah is stunned when Brody says he always liked the necklace she's wearing, especially when his mother gave it to him. Sarah realizes Nora didn't tell her because she didn't want to ruin it for her.

The wedding party turns as the music starts up. Brody and Sarah walk down the aisle, Brody in his plaid flannel shirt and Sarah in her white wedding dress. Saul and Nora are overjoyed. The Walker children accept Brody into their midst. The reception starts after a touching, moving ceremony where Olivia, Sarah's daughter and Kitty wear matching bridesmaid dresses. Nora's heart is full.

At the reception, Kitty's boyfriend expresses his disapproval of the pregnancy news sharing. At first Luc and Sarah dance but Luc gets called away to talk to his mother. When Kitty sits down things are tense. Kitty's boyfriend wants her to not have the baby. When Sarah comes up to talk about the comical mistake, he leaves. Sarah sees her daughter run around with her date, with tissue stuffed in her dress to make her chest look bigger.

Brody tries to give Sarah a champagne but Brody says she's a beer girl. The sassy brunette comes up to Sarah and Brody and blurts out that she is there to meet the sister she never knew she had. Brody is wary and not happy to see her. It turns out to be Brody's daughter, a daughter Nora never knew about, his fifth child. Brody tells Nora, who observes the girl crashed the wedding, that she is troubled.

At the reception Luc learns from his mother that his father has lost all his money in business. He reaches for answers. This is why the father is not there. Nora looks around and marvels to see all her children grown up. Tyler shows up and tells Justin she has been giving him mixed signals but she's all his. They dance.
Sarah sees Luc and the gang perform their moves in their rehearsed dance. The party starts in earnest when Brody leads the father-daughter dance and Sarah's son cuts in.  Nora's heart is full watching her dreams of being Sarah's mother with Brody there at her wedding. The music speeds up and Sarah goes to pull Nora into the dancing. Brody's daughters and the Walker kids and everyone has a great time.

Saul's boyfriend (Richard Chamberlain) proposes and Saul threatens to say yes.

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