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Made In Chelsea. "Yah"

Made In Chelsea poster

Written by : published Monday 9th May 2011

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Watch Made In Chelsea here.


This programme is so terrible I am actually speechless …


In an ideal world I would end my review there, but I must soldier on and give you some reasons why it is so terrible.


Well to begin with the idea is second hand, its old news. The Hills used it in America and we bought it and aired it, then by the time The Only Way is Essex was created it was on it’s last legs but that show has a huge following now. Made in Chelsea is just Channel 4’s way of getting involved.  And it isn’t working. The Twitter response has been overwhelmingly negative (and that isn’t just my tweets) I would say that around 96% of the tweets are negative. Again reinforcing my point that it is actually terrible!


Another reason I despise this programme is that I loathe every single person in the show. “Bunty”, “Ollie”, “Hugo”, “Spencer”, “Francis”, “Caggie”, “Millie”, “Amber”, “Rosie”, “Cheska” and Gabriella” are all the main characters. And yes before you ask I am positive that there will be a few double barrel surnames in there.


These people are so vain and vulgar that it is painful viewing. If its not hair, makeup, fake tans or clothing that they are moaning about (and I’m not just saying the girls do this, in fact the worst culprit is Ollie) then its bitching about other peoples hair, makeup, fake tans or clothes.


Not only are they vain but they are so stereotypical it is embarrassing. Each one of them uses “Yah” after nearly every word, which tires after about 3 sentences. The accents are so painfully upper class that they sound enhanced and faked. They also look as if they are in pain when they speak and some words take me a while to digest as to what has actually been said.


Is this just me being a Northerner? Is my Yorkshire roots making me hate this or is it because its garbage? Well I like to think its because its garbage. 


I think I have an idea why people are so disconnected. The Only Way is Essex is annoying. But the characters are believable and seem down to Earth, the cockney accents have a sort of warmth surrounding them.  Made in Chelsea doesn’t have this connection. People feel alienated by a gathering of snobs like these and that is why I dislike it.


I doubt I will ever watch this programme again as its been the longest hour of my life to date. I think I have explained why I despise this programme. But if anything else comes to me then I’m sure I will add it in, or tweet about it. 


Watch Made In Chelsea here.

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