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CSI: NY - Life Sentence- Recap

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Written by : published Monday 9th May 2011

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Mac sees Bill Hunt (Peter Fonda) come into his office and is skeptical about what he wants. The old police partner expresses surprise Mac doesn't know why he is there and shows him a text message from Mac Taylor that says to come to his office ASAP they have to talk. Looks like Raymond Harris didn't get the message from the "little chat" Hunt gave him the alley. 
Just then sniper fire erupts throughout the high rise office building, targeting the entire CSI lab. Extended gunfire from an AK-47 riffles through the floor, shattering glass and punching holes in furniture and walls. Staff fly everywhere in the melee. Mac holds Lindsay and watches in shock as the surviving staff rescue others and flee. Mac sees Hunt is wounded in the arm and one staff member is shot but no fatalities.
Mac sees Lindsay trapped in the now-exposed hallway and runs and breaks the glass of his office to get to her and to grab her. Mac shields both of them behind a beam as gunfire ricochets all around and falling and breaking glass flies everywhere. The officers slowly pick them selves up as elevator doors open and SWAT teams in flak jackets patrol the floor. Hunt and Mac discuss Raymond Harris, the recent beatdown, and the attack. Hunt stonewalls Mac.  
Mac knows it was Raymond Harris. Danville talks it over with Mac. The CSI team raid the neighboring high rise floor and find the AK left for Mac to find. Forensics show the bullets were loaded in a particular manner to cause damage but the aim was not to kill. Mac and Messer attack Harris' last known address but find a different man living there, shot and killed in the raid. Internal affairs questions Mac and Messer about the shooting.
Across town, Harris calmly walks into the precinct and directly approaches Flack. He wants to report an assault from a former police officer. Flack is bound to follow procedure and take his report. Mac is furious to find Harris in police HQ upon his return. The Internal Affairs officer sees Harris and asks Mac why the suspect they were supposed to have shot dead is walking through the precinct to freedom. She says he had lodged a complaint of assault against Mac's former partner. 
Flack organizes a lineup. Harris tells Hunt to step forward but does not positively identify him. Mac asks Harris what kind of game is he playing. Harris says he had 17 years, a lifetime, to think things over. Mac tells him to say what's on his mind and Harris says Mac is the detective, he should find out. Danville interviews the cellmates and prisoners at Riker's island, but Harris never said a word to  anybody about his plans. 
Danville looks over the case file with Mac. The case of Harris was 17 years ago and happened when Mac was a beat cop. Jo asks Mac for details. Mac and Hunt acted on a tip. They found Harris in the apartment with the bag of money and after a scuffle Mac removed him from the scene. The blood spatter on the money bag of cash impounded when Harris was arrested is what Mac remembers. Harris' girlfriend was found murdered. The girlfriend's relationship to Harris is identified by the marriage license application Harris filed the week before the bust. 
But Danville notes the elliptical patterns of blood and say that doesn't look right. Danville stuffs a similar bag full of fake 'money' and spurts blood through a pane of glass repeatedly in the lab. The spatter from a struggle does not match the photo of the bag in the crime report. But the spatter matches when the bag is full, but from the crime file photo Mac detects it was deburdened of a lot of the cash before Hunt gave it to him. That's why Harris has a grudge. 
Mac goes to Hunt's apartment and smacks him in the face. When Hunt tries to get physical with Mac, he pushes him back. Mac says he must have stolen the money while  Mac was booking the man Harris down in the squad car, and killed Harris's fiancee when she walked in. Mac is angry because Hunt made Mac voucher the money to make it look like he stole it to someone like Harris, who knew there was more in it. 
The man was jailed by two cops who stole money and killed his girlfriend. That's why Harris thinks Mac is a dirty cop. Mac says Hunt is under arrest but gets a call about a murder and demands Hunt accompany him. The two men walk in on a body tied to a bed with worms coming out of it. Mac instantly senses Harris was the culprit.
The CSI team combs a murder scene with a corpse that has been tortured for weeks in hunger. Mac says this is the drug smuggler crime figure from the case Harris got arrested for. But the evidence doesn't place Harris at the scene except for  discarded Rosary on the floor.

 Mac says Harris would only give him last rites if he felt he deserved them. So that means he thought the drug dealer wasn't the killer at the end.
Mac has Flack observing Harris at a local diner when the test results from the Harris apartment come back. 

The CSI staff comb the former Harris apartment. Lindsay finds imprints and takes a cast, and the blood is the identity of Harris' dead fiancee, murdered the week he went to prison. The imprint in the wood under the carpet put in under carpet laid in 1995 is similar to the square police fraternity ring Hunt wears. 

Mac realizes that Harris was blamed for taking the cash and assumed his fiancee was killed by the crime figure. He tells Hunt they are going for a ride. In the car he demands Hunt's retired arms service revolver.
But Flack notices Harris has left. 
As Mac accuses Hunt in the car, another car rams into it. Mac and Hunt slowly recover when Mac sees Harris outside the car with a gun.

Harris shoots Hunt, saying his fiancee was his angel.

Mac shoots Harris.

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