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Kitchen Nightmares-Capri -recap

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Written by : published Sunday 8th May 2011

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Gordon Ramsay visits Capri, a Italian place in Eagle Rock, California. Gordon arrives to where to twins in red shirts laze around the kitchen. The overweight twins are gross, lazy and comical to see. Jeff and Jim are customers who bought the place. Jim and Jeff sit in the car and sleep. They are closed four days a week and are not open for lunch.
Gordon shakes dust from the lampshade and finds record gum balls plastered under every table. Ramsay is shocked at the condition of the place. The chicken scarapella Gordon orders is pounded at high volume for 20 minutes as Gordon cowers in the cafeteria. Gordon says the chicken smells and is not fresh. Colleen asks the kitchen how old the chef is. The twins say they can't afford fresh food. Gordon burps uncomfortably after eating the bad chicken.
There is bubble gum under the tables, original plastics menus from 1963 and no updated decor.


Colleen says it is absolutely disgusting how lazy some people can be. Gordon orders pizza, chicken pasta, and a meatball sandwich. The meatballs come microwaved, the pizza has canned mushroms and everything but the kitchen sink thrown on it. Gordon bites into sour, bitter chicken and feels nauseated. He goes on a "gumball rally".


The kitchen is disgusting. Nothing has been cleaned in years, the dirty plates are piled high with unwanted food. The place is a mess and the staff have not been paid in a  while.  The twins cry, whine, and hide in fear. They burp and swear and mosey along. Gordon Ramsay is shocked by their childishness. The chef says that they can't cook. A lot of food gets sent back. The colossal pizza was "caked crap". Gordon says he's starving and then goes for lunch somewhere else.

Gordon watches a service full of careless cooking. Capri is a hole in the wall. Barely anybody shows up. They serve chicken that has been defrosted on the hot plate and is going bad. Gordon says he has had a cramp since lunchtime and now knows why. Gordon orders the to announce the chicken will not be served. The men start to  tell Gordon off but cool down. There is tape on the carpet.

Gordon goes through the kitchen and finds dirt, squalor and hot food put in the refrigerator. Old food cooked from last week.  The twins become irritated that Gordn finds so many rotten food items. Gordon says the diners need to say a prayer before eating the food. The plates come back mushy, unseasoned, inedible. The twins do not taste to the food. The men start to cry because the service goes so badly.

The twins arrive next day at Capri to see a sign twirler and the place open for lunch. Gordon and the cook and the waitress are actively serving customers and the food is delicious. Gordon escorts them to a table and serves them salads and pizza. He says they have to get up early and clean. The crowd is buzzing about the food.

At dinner service the twins can't match the service or food quality. They become frustrated and angry. Gordon taunts Jim that he is a baby and does he need changing. The cook reports they throw a temper tantrum whenever they don't get what they want. The cook says he is very satisfied that the twins are getting what they deserve. Angry customers leave.

Gordon take one of the twins boxing next day. He says we all make mistakes in life and we can change. The twin says he is ready to move on and make a success of the business. The other twin also comes in for a boxing lesson. Gordon says they have to work. they can't be lazy anymore. He tells them to clean clean clean.

Gordon redoes the menu very simply and puts reclaimed wood on the walls. The plastic green booths are replaced with church pews on the walls. The menu is redone on paper. Ramsay shows the twins how to make real meatballs in sauce. The staff taste the delicious food. Simple dishes and fresh ingredients are featured.

For the opening crowds come and get orders in. The twins are challenged and then meet the demand. Gordon gives them a talk and says this was a difficult challenge. Ramsay leaves saying who doesn't love dinner and a show.

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