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Bones- the Signs in the Silence -recap

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Written by : published Sunday 8th May 2011

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Bones and Booth discuss a baby gift for the upcoming Hodgins office baby but then get called back to the lab. Bones relates in one of her foster homes the family pet was her stuffed animals. Bones says she will be the only one without a baby. Booth says Bones's hormones will kick in. Brennan is resistant.
A deaf mute girl with blood on her face has been found in a  dark alley, and woke up waving a knife at the patrol officer. She refuses to speak or respond in sign language. Bones says she is deaf and uncommunicative. The girl is restrained in a chair on the platform in the high tech lab. Saroyan is hesitant to take samples. Brennan says the perp must open her mouth or she'll call the judge.
The court ordered protective services attorney argues with Bones. Particulates on her are also clues. Bones say she is the best forensic anthropologist in the world. The labs scientists say the girl is wearing a litre of blood. This could be  victim still alive somewhere. As the professionals argue, Bones counsels the others to look on her as a pile of evidence.
There is no children reported missing. The bloody twenty dollar bills are from a ATM.  Bones insists they need dental x-rays. When they sign to her they will return to the family the irl violently reacts. Suddenly the girl makes a run for it. Sweets observes the interchange and instructs Bones to relate the victim as when she herself was in foster care. Sweets points out that the platform is no place for a frightened child in a bad situation.

The girl is between 13 and 17, but they can't tell and she refuses to cooperate. She bites the doctor. She is terrified. They find no missing persons matching the description.  They find shreds of paper in her pocket. One is a hardware store receipt all the other paper are sequentially numbered bills with blood on them. The victim was a white male, very distinctive in the black neighborhood. They scan the convenience store camera for a match.

Bone must identify how old the girl is by her forensics knowledge of bone structure. They drag the girl into a  room where a floating x-ray can capture the image of the x-ray. They find Duvall Price, the man in the convenience store photo, dead on the floor of his appointment. The cracked down door shreds match the girl's clothes. Sweets says the girl can't have a motive. Sweets attacks Bones about not looking for a motive.

The signing the girl uses is a dialect native to Southern Pennsyvania. The scrap from the girl's pocket is a bus schedule from crossroads Pennsylvania. There is only one hardware store in that city and when Seely Booth arrive the owners Mike and Denise say this their child Amy.

But back at the lab Bones examines the x-rays and find evidence of extensive child abuse froma  very young age. The parents say the girl panicked and fought them. The parents say they couldn't get the girl help. They don't know who Price is . Booth brings them back.

Hodgins finds that the door to Duvall Price's apartment was forced open much later than the time of death, and that "Jane Doe" wasn't strong enough to do it. The intern shows Camille Saroyan the extensive injuries began when the girl is three years old. Mr. Shinfield has a court order not to see his daughter. Bones asks why they abused her and shows them the x-rays. Sweets says it is because the girl was disabled. But the girl signs that nobody ever believed her about the injuries.

But Bones says she has Vartanberg's syndrom , a genetic disorder. they had to know that. But Brennan approaches both parents and sees they have no  sign of the genetic syndrome. She announces to Booth and the staff that these people are not Amy's parents. Sweets analyzes the x-rays and says that until she was three years old she was we cared for.

In the interrogation room, the man Mike Shinfield tells his wife not to say anything. But Sweets urges the wife to tell them how they helped. Seely Booth shows the parents a photo of them with Duvall Price. They had him kidnap the child. At one point Booth slams mike Shinfield against the wall. Booth says the only justice is what people do to child abusers in jail.

Brennan finds fingerprints on the knife. Amy killed Duvall after he took her from the bus station, after the Shinfields called him. Amy hit him in self defense. Amy says he was going to tie her up and hit her. The money was from his trip to the ATM.

Bones asks "Jane Doe" for permission to examine more x-rays. They say they need to find out where she lived to use the missing persons database. Sweets and Bones persuade Amy to try and remember moments from before the Shinfields took her. She remembers a stuffed bunny, but nothing more.

Then they tell her the Shinfields are not her parents. Bones asks for wisdom teeth to get the materials to analyze what part of the country Amy was taken from. They find a missing persons photo of a little girl with a stuffed bunny.


The real parents fly to D. C., and Booth and Bones see the moving reunion in the park. The mother knows how to sign and she pulls the stuffed bunny from her purse. She says they never gave up hope.


Booth tells Brennan after they leave he never wants his own son to see that side of himself he showed Shinfield at the interrogation.


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