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Doctor Who Review- Series 6/Series 31

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Written by : published Saturday 7th May 2011

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I am of a generation where sci-fi has been all very, well, American.  I touched on this in my review of The Walking Dead.  Nothing wrong with that per say. I’m not really a typical red-blooded male however violence does occasionally tickle my giblets but while this may be the case I do occasionally tire of a Man with Ham shanks as arms shooting an alien into little tiny pieces.  Luckily I am British. This means that I get Doctor Who. This is a British geek’s bread and butter really and as the new series is in the middle of airing I thought it was time to don my bowtie and get down to some reviewing.


Doctor Who was and is one of my staple television diets. I have a love for the programme that I cannot help. The beauty of Doctor Who is that it is essentially fulfilling the BBC’s remit to Inform, Educate and Entertain. No seriously bear with me here. I will take the new episode as an example in that short time it educated me in the idea that if you never give up and keep trying you can succeed what you want. It informed me that a father’s love for his child will make sure that he will go literally to the end of the universe for them. That is pretty deep for a kids show. I do find it strange that if any other programme that is aimed at children tried this they would be instantly blasted. The headlines would be a paranoid right-wingers wet dream “Peppa Pig saves Daddy Pig from Bacon Factory.”  The most important thing about Doctor Who is that it entertains.


I have grown-up, left home and studied at university and I still make sure that I watch a programme that should have outgrown me at the age of 15. This is what makes Doctor Who so popular the fact that people of any age can watch it. However as I am writing a review I should take out some negative points and wave them about in order to show people that this is a review and not a tongue bath for the TARDIS. The major complaint I have about this series and the series previously is that of the connecting narrative. When Steven Moffat took over from Russel T Davies as writer he brought some fabulous changes, the stories link beautifully and now for one of the first times they have linked from series to series seamlessly starting back when Moffat wrote episodes back in Davies reign.  This is perfect it means that the series as a whole is a story and not just several random encounters with the Doctor that are unlinked but it does however take a while for these to kick back in often taking a back seat for a while. The first two episodes of the series were interlinked with the previous series and then suddenly pirates and the over arching storyline was forgotten until the last 30 seconds. Another gripe is the character of Rory, not the character himself who is brilliantly played but how many times does this boy have to die or be close to death. I swear this boy has died and came back more times than the Doctor! He has been drowned, shot, pretended to be shot, been thought to be melted in a fire. The man is a fucking jinx!


The thing is, these are complaints so painfully minor it took me several minutes to even contemplate them being mentioned. I was up till 5 in the morning so desperate for my next fix of Doctor Who that I watched the younger child’s spin-off series “The Sarah Jane Adventures” that had the Doctor in the story in order to tide me through till the next episode. I force my little sister to watch the series when I am at home and muffle her complaints with the nearest pillow. If I left you with any advice it would be this. I know Doctor Who is the realm of the geek and is usually left to young boys with snot covered noses and sonic screwdrivers made out of a toilet roll holder and a light-bulb painted green but it is programming, drama, comedy and the BBC at its very best. Now if you will excuse me I’m off to put the chip from an oyster card into a toy sonic screwdriver and use it to get on the bus.



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Incedentally the bowtie thing in the first paragraph was true. Go Geek Chic!


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