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Fringe- The Day we Died-Season Finale- Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 7th May 2011

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Peter wakes up in the alt universe being wheeled down a hospital hall in a gurney. His niece and an aged Olivia come to visit the Fringe hospital. Peter comes out healing from the advanced UV science. But the Fringe event is in the future and reserve blood is available and Peter is 47. They use a UV cauterizer on his burns.

Peter's niece Agent Bella Dunham and Olivia welcome Peter. Olivia is the head of the Fringe division. Vortex shrapnel is everywhere and an assassin called Moreau is calling it the End of days. Astrid has a different haircut. Bella says Peter was talking about how the  machine is from the past. TV events show vortex wormholes around the world.

Brad Dourif (As Moreau) walks with henchmen into an elegant Opera hall. Gold paint and red carpet are everywhere. The singer is movingly going through "Carmen" Moreau temporarily rests his head enjoying the music, then plants a bomb and shoots an operagoer. After they leave the bomb device goes off and the opera is vaporized.

The Fringe division investigates the crime scene. The bomb is a dud and Peter gathers the weapon to him. In the lab Peter can't work the advanced science. Peter suggests they get Walter out of jail to help them. The End of Dayers put bombs on soft spots to accelerate the (biblical) End of Days. It emerges that Walter was put on trial for opening the universe portal by activating the machine.


Peter goes to the jail. Walter knows about the massive increase in gamma radiation. Carbon levels consistent with Paleolithic times. Peter says he needs his help although Walter is the most hated man in the universe. Slowly is it seen this the real universe, in Peter's future on earth. Walter needs his tools in the lab.
Broyles is a Senator with a electric blue right eye from radiation. Peter says "if what we lost in Detroit means anything to you, you'll help me". Broyles says the bad news on the TV is because of Walter. Peter says he can prevent future casualties if Walter works on the light bomb.


At home, Olivia and Peter gets a drawing from a  neighbor girl Amanda, with a daughter they will have some day. Olivia doesn't want to have children in  a world headed for doomsday. Peter says they will have a whole tribe of Bishops.

Walter gets back the office, obsessed with his swivel chair. Walter is delighted to see Olivia. When a guard drops a box of equipment Olivia's ESP and telekinetic powers control it softly landing on the floor. She tells Walter she learned to control them.

In Central Park, Walternate gives Moreau instructions. He says it won't be long before this world joins his. Moreau has a weapon twice as powerful as the one in the opera, and says it is fitting this wormhole bomb will destroy this.


Peter checks on Walter's progress in the lab. Walter says its destiny was sealed the day he started the machine. Peter says that Walternate is around but a recluse. He came over the portal to save the other universe but got stuck and the other universe got destroyed. Walter says his hubris destroyed the other universe, but Peter says no matter's who's at fault, Walter is his dad. Walter finds the red licorice Peter has brought, Walter's favorite.


Walter phones Peter saying that Strontium 90 was used to split atoms on the light bomb, and the radioactive isotope makes the electrolytes leaving a breadcrumb. The lab sensors diagnose radioactive readings. Peter and Olivia launch a Fringe raid on the location but it is a campground not a lab. An agent hands Peter a key box with a house key inside. He hides this and drives off, not telling Olivia about the key and saying he's going back to the lab.


Moreau is identified as the person lurking in the Park. The amber cover on the park wormhole starts emitting advanced levels of radiation. All the Fringe staff converge there. But in the opposite universe, the technician calls Walter to say the machine is acting oddly. Walternate asks for Fauxlivia to be brought to him. He shows her the manuscript drawings and says that  she has some connection with the machine.

In the Earth universe, Peter finds the remote country house and opens the door key. Walter is there. Peter apologizes for what harm he has done but says he must take Walter in handcuffs. Peter says that Walternate is only one capable of enlarging the wormhole. Walter says he came over to save his universe and asked for help for his side. Walter says his own son killed his universe. Peter says he acted in self defense.


Water says he wakes up forgetting his universe is gone but remembers the nightmare. Walter says everyone in this universe will experience loss the way the alt universe did. Walter says that "you destroyed my universe, son, so I'll destroy yours." Peter says the destruction has to stop. Just then Walter says if he was really there he wouldn't be able to resist kiling him. Walter then says he'll kill someone he loves.
Shocked,  Peter sees the Walternate is a hologram. Peter is now alone, miles from the city.


Future Olivia tactically suspends the rendez vous with the Fringe division in the Park, who say a bus has been spotted in the area. Suddenly a light weapon goes off. Olivia gets up, the only one conscious, and turns to see Walternate with a gun. He shoots and kills Olivia.


Peter speaks at Olivia's funeral, and lights the torch on her casket and sets in on the water. He later drinks heavily at his apartment, alone. Meanwhile Walter gets a brainstorm and tells his niece to take the car to the lab. The niece is very sad but remembers the cow. Walter says he can't go back in time.

Walter then goes to Peter after realizing he himself sent the machine back in time. The energy from the wormhole is fueled by this transaction. Peter is grieving heavily. Walters says he can save both worlds this time. The paradox dictates that Peter can make a different choice within the circumstances. Walter says they can cheat the rules of time. Peter says to imagine the repercussions and the cost is too high. But Walter looks at a grieving Peter and says that the cost to not act may also be high.


In the present time,  at the Statue of Liberty lab, Olivia runs toward the machine. She ascends the steps but Peter starts the machine to shake.
Walternate gets Fauxlivia in the lab and she detects that Walter has outsmarted him and that their own alt universe will die.


Just then Peter solidifies himself in the machine and comes back to life. Then he activates another transaction, and the alt lab appears side by side with the current scientists. Both Walters watch each other Walternate cold and sneering, Walter shaken and angry. Walternate blames Walter for destroying his universe but Walter says his turning on the machne was an accident, what Walternate did was on purpose.


Peter says they have to work together to save the universes from doomsday. He has torn two holes in space to form a bridge to the Statue of Liberty lab. Peter says the First People were Walter himself, and Astrid and the lab sending the machine back through time to be discovered and assembled. As Peter exhorts both Walter and Walternate to work together he vanishes.


Olivia and Fauxlivia come together. They eye each other. Olivia says they have to work together.


Outside, the Observers all stand around the Statue of Liberty.
One Observer turns to the other and says "They don't remember Peter".
The Other Observer says "How could they, he never existed. He served his purpose".

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