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Grey's Anatomy-White Wedding- recap

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Written by : published Saturday 7th May 2011

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Chief Weber conducts a clinical trial with rats with Avery as his assistant. Avery resents the pet shop duties required for FDA approval. Lexie and Meredith get heart surgery with Altman while Cristina suctions. The race for Chief Resident shows Karev taking the lead. Cristina says that they all have a shot at Chief Resident because she has been benched. Some of the African patients have problems with food, language, or fears they will die.

April learns Swahili for the African patients. But her effort rubs Stark the wrong way. She says he promised to treat her the same and Stark says he is. Later he finds April in the kitchen mixing corn porridge because the little girl with HIV can't eat processed food. Stark tells Hunt in confidence she might be good for chief resident.

The African patients Karev brought in start getting operated on, with Karev hogging the spotlight and making a beeline for Chief Resident. Altman tells Arizona her hottie shrink boyfriend can coexist with her half-husband. Altman says he is a wedding date. Altman won't let Cristina operate and tells Hunt that Cristina has been lucky and if Callie had died she couldn't handle it. Weber and Avery make progress with the rats.

McDreamy tells Alex he was right to recommend Meredith for the Alzheimer's trial. Karev tells Meredith he saw what she did and she denies it. Karev says the whole hospital could get disqualified from the FDA for clinical trials if the study goes wrong and it will get found out. Meredith says nothing she did will alter history and she did nothing wrong. Alex doesn't know it is for Mrs. Weber. Meredith asks Alex is he will tell on her and he doesn't answer.

Derek treats a spinal bifida African baby who bonds with him instantly. Meredith answers a page from him, thinking Alex said something. But Derek asks Meredith if they can adopt her. He says he has treated lots of babies but this one should theirs. The paperwork is immense and to get part of the requirement done they go to get married by a judge. Derek says to do it for the baby.

Callie and Arizona gets ready for their wedding but Callie's mother acts very stand offish and doesn't want to see the baby. Arizona's father refers to himself as "The Colonel" as can't stand Mark.  Getting a minister is difficult but they find one. The lesbian situation is awkward, as is the rehearsal and family dinner. The Colonel asks what the sperm donor is doing in the wedding. He has a military time schedule for the wedding.

Callie's mother won't hold the baby. When Callie models her veil her mother says that the wedding isn't real, and that having the wedding in church doesn't matter. Then Callie confronts her mother about her weird attitude. Callie's mother says does she know how hard it is to have a child and know that she won't see her in heaven? Callie says her mother is a lawyer with a gay secretary, but how come she can't handle the wedding? Callie's parents leave before the wedding.
Kepner treats the little girl with AIDS when she vomits blood all over April. Stark cautions her to get a gown but April waves him off. Kepner impresses Hunt with her knowledge of the internal TB they find on accident. Avery talks to the mice.

Cristina tells Hunt that she is dying not getting back into surgery. Hunt says she has to apologize to Altman. Cristina tries but Altman says she just wants to get back on her service. Altman is trying to teach her a lesson. Hunt says to go over her head was bad but Cristina is dangerous. In the O.R. Cristina is shocked to see Altman enter a  heart valve procedure on one of Karev's patients blind without computer instrumentation.

Bailey arrives on the wedding day to find Calliope canceled everything. Bailey says God is everywhere, she doesn't need a minister just the commitment.  Mark told her the minister's wife got in a car accident. But Bailey agree to perform the service. When Mark goes to get Arizona she is crying because when she came out to her dead brother, he said he would dance at her wedding. Mark ends up giving Callie away.

The wedidng reception is filled with hospital staff. Cristina sits down at the bar. Weber comes by and says that he always thought she was going to be Chief Resident but now Alex and Avery show promise. Chief Weber goes to look for cake, and Cristina unleashes her anger on Altman. She says she's sorry her skills and judgement were better than Altman's and how insecure she must be to not let her operate. Altman says Cristina still doesn't get it.

Altman drinks an entire flute of champagne after that, but Karev halts Hunt from drinking because of the procedures the next morning. Both brides wear white. Altman gets a proposition from the shrink. He's got a big job at a German institute but will only go on condition she goes with him as his girlfriend.

Arizona and Callie have their first dance. When the father daughter dance comes in Callie steps off, but Mark says he is a father, and they can dance. But then Callie's father appears (Hector Elizondo Jr.) and says he has been dreaming of this moment since he first held her in his arms as a baby. They dance as Derek and Meredith skip the wedding to play with the baby girl.


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