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Psychoville 2. Crazy has a New Series.

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Written by : published Friday 6th May 2011

Psychoville 2. Crazy has a New Series. main image


Watch Psychoville 2 Here. 


I have been waiting for the return of Psychoville ever since series one ended last year. The Christmas special kept me quiet over the past few months but ever since I found out it was coming back for a second series I have been constantly flicking the schedules awaiting for the day I could set a reminder.


The first episode sets off from all the events in the first series and the Christmas special. All the main characters return to bury a member of the team who died in the Ravenhill Psychiatric Hospital blast. Mr Jolly is laid to rest with the usual fripperies expected at a clowns funeral, rubber chickens replacing the usual ashes to ashes routine to name a few.


There’s also a sense that the series has a lot more production as well as money thrown at it. For a start it’s shot in HD, which makes everything better in my eyes.  Imelda Staunton best known for high-end films such as Harry Potter plays an ominous character in the new series. A sort of “M” type character from James Bond but much less high tech, she even references how she wishes she was like “M” to comic effect of course.  On the BBC website under the character list each character has a dedicated website, Joys is in the form of a blog about Freddie and how to be a perfect mum. I have only ever seen this with a film called The Dark Knight. The BBC have clearly spent a lot of time and effort with this series and it shows.


By far and away my favourite character is Joy, played by Dawn French. The nurse who had a psychotic obsession with a child’s baby doll called Freddie. Who she believed was real. In the new series she has a new “baby” to look after, this is in the form of a teenage girl called Jennifer who is Chinese and in a wheelchair and cant speak or function. Joy has a bib on her and feeds her baby food with a spoon while singing baby songs. Slightly close to the bone for the BBC I admit but it makes great viewing.


A few new characters will be unveiled in each episode like in series 1 and I’m sure they will be top notch.


I love all the characters; they are so well thought out and played that it’s totally believable. Psychoville is a rare thing. It’s both popular whilst being off the wall and quirky.


Psychoville 2 is already brilliant and I’ve only seen the first episode. I hope the BBC keeps it going for another few series because its top notch British Comedy.


If you have no idea what Psychoville is then I recommend that you tune in. I already can’t wait for the second episode, the cliffhanger has succeeded in drawing me in deeper.   


Watch Psychoville 2 here.


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