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NCIS Los Angeles -Plan B- Recap

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Written by : published Friday 6th May 2011

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Deaks closes a case by sending an arms dealer from Los Angeles to jail but the informant is in danger. As the sentence is handed down the man promises death to Ray. Outside the courthouse the men say goodbye. The NCIS LA squad fakes a drive by shooting. This is on the news and they smuggle him to the airport. This character is going into witness protection. Ray was a criminal Deaks recognized from childhood turned informant.

Ray picks up on the vibe between Deaks and Kenzi.  He says Kenzi looks just like Deaks's high school girlfriend. He calls her Wikipedia. Deaks denies the "thing". Deaks says that Ray and he have been sharing a dark side of life. Kenzi picks up on the fact that Deaks has conflicted feelings about his street undercover alter ego. "Max" is not a pleasant person.

The NCIS boathouse is rocked with the news that Ray is missing. But the man disappears after the drop him in the airport. Deaks tells Kenzi Ray was there for him when he was a kid, and gave him the gun he shot his father with before he would have killed them. The other NCIS  staff think Deaks might be too close to the case to work it right.

The video shows Ray rented a car and drive to downtown Los Angeles. Deaks is shocked because he is wanted by many criminal factions for being a known informant. His life is in danger on the street. They isolate the photos of the attackers near the abandoned car and identify the gang. But Deaks says they never informed against that gang or had any cases against them.


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Deak goes undercover as "Max" again to find out about Ray. Deaks tells Hetty he just plays his father' s own character. Meanwhile Hanna and Callen pretend to to be gambling businessmen enjoying a secret clandestino, a lunch club with women and gambing. Callen gets them inside but shows the waitress a picture and says he was referred by Ray and they get attacked. Calen learns someone worse than the Southside gang ordered the hit.

Deaks goes into the club. Kenzi shadows him and is shocked to hear the things that come out of his mouth. Max is a thug and creep, vicious and nasty. But then when Ray comes around the front of the bar, Kenzi tells Deaks, and a couple of cars drive up shooting at him. Max walks outside to see Ray has vanished but the gangbangers were another hired team. Deaks says to pull in Ray's old girlfriend.

The girl is in the boathouse and Deaks poses as a prisoner to talk to him. The entire NCIS team watches and Deaks and this girl kiss passionately. Kenzi in particular does not enjoy this. Melissa says she turned in Ray because some man called and asked her to for money. She knew he was leaving so called and made $100,00. Deaks leaves the interrogation room and the NCIS squad are unhappy with how emotionally he is connected to the case.

The jailed man Sanders says he can shop Ray to any number of other information agencies and terrorist groups. He says they will have to move onto another case but he only has one.

The bar contact says Ray had a girl down in the Grand Central Market downtown. Deaks/Max shows up, and she looks unhappy. Jut then Ray walks up, and Kenzi and Max chase him. Deaks gets him and Ray says his girlfriend is pregnant and he came back for her. Ray says witness protection only takes immediate family, and that he knew Deaks would get involved if this was a problem. Deaks plans a trap.

Kenzi asks Deaks if Melissa doesn't deserve to know the truth. Deaks reveals who he is to a crestfallen Melissa. Ray told her long ago that Max was the informant. She brought him chicken soup when he was sick and they always had a thing for each other. Deaks reveals who he really is and she says he's still the best thing in it. Deaks tells Melissa to call the gang bangers again.
Ray comes out on the sidewalk to see a bunch of shooters aiming at him. In a fierce gun battle the men shout about Plan B for Ray. Deaks put Ray into a dark Suburban with his girlfriend, and they drive off. But a garbage trucks wrecks the car, and it goes up in a fireball of flame. The gang members say it was worth it.

 But off to the side, Ray and his girlfriend are still in the decoy car. Deaks says goodbye and Ray says he need a call about the thing with Wikipedia. At the boathouse, a tired Deaks com into see Hetty. Melissa has passed on a  message, "no regrets".


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