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The Event-Them or Us- recap

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Written by : published Friday 6th May 2011

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Sean and Victoria know the Russian operative's name is Alex. To find him they follow the agent with the Spanish Flu onto a plane. At the airport ticket counter Sean says she doesn't have to come with him. She does, and they share a moment when they recognize where their lives have changed from when Victoria was carrying out missions for Dempsey. Victoria says she is doing this for the people she loves.

Blake tells the Chief of Staff he may have evidence on Jarvis. But the protocol continues and Jarvis is sworn in as President of the United States. Jarvis' first meeting with the heads of defense to take a softer view of Sophia and halt all intelligence activities against her. Jarvis says they must allow the aliens to live beside them and they can have peace.

 Blake has the cuff sleeve with the sweetener packet analyzed. The research comes back with an additive they don't have the science to synthesize. The Chief of Staff says they need to be rock solid to accuse him.
Blake approaches the President (former VP) and tells him about knowing what he did. Blake says he knows Jarvis loves the country but that whatever Sophia told him, she will lie to get him to do whatever she wants. Jarvis vehemently denies knowing anything and asks for Sterling's resignation.

Blake then goes to the hospital and slips to Mrs. Martinez that something other  than nature was responsible for Elias falling ill. Martinez gets progressively worse and the doctors are confused. Jarvis is notified when Sterling has been escorted from the White House. President Jarvis hints to the Chief of Staff his own fate will be the same if he suspects Jarvis and has any notion of following Blake's suit.

Simon Lee is still bound in the hospital ward and sees the president fall ill and Jarvis replace him on the news coverage and sees him being sworn in. He asks Carlos his jailer if what happened to Martinez was a coincidence. Carlos say they have to make room for their people and Sophia can make that happen with Jarvis helping. Carlos is infuriated when Simon says what Sophia wants is genocide and goes against the principles of their people. Simon asks Carlos to look at Sophia and see how she has changed. Simon fights viciously to be free but Carlos subdues him.

Sean and Victoria scan the passengers but can't tell who is the guilty one. Sophia is advised by the Russian scientists that all the men on the boat died. Sophia is concerned that the effect is too immediate for mass spreading of the Spanish Flu virus. They need more tests.
Laila sees her father go to kill Simon and says he is not the man she remembers teaching her about right and wrong when she was little. She reminds him of an episode where her friends harmed a bird and he said it was wrong because humans were stronger than birds and had a responsibility to take care of them even though they were weaker. Michael grapples with Laila's words but leaves on assignment from Sophia.

Sophia tells Michael that Simon has to be taken care of. Michael goes to Simon's room and asks Carlos the guard to leave. Simon says to michael that he is a puppet and that Sophia has changed and she threatens genocide. Then Michael comes out after shooting off Simon's hand restraints and says he needs help with the body. Simon jumps the man, they tie him up, and they escape. Simon tells Michael about Martinez being poisoned and Michael says the doctor is on the premises.

They are frustrated they can't find the agent, Alex. Sean and Vicki take down a man with a briefcase but he (only) has cocaine. They can't find the courier and wonder what to do. Victoria contacts one of her colleagues to have the planes stopped. She knows someone at Homeland Security.  The plane is redirected to Andrews Air Force Base with a military escort. The Russian scientists gets an email and notifies Sophia.

Then the President gets a call from Sophia. She demands to know why the plane has been redirected and the Vice President tries to stall her. On board the plane Sean and Vicki see the escort gets called away. Sean says they have to take it down but Victoria points out they don't know who has it.

At the sleeper's compound, as Simon and Laila wait at the rendezvouz, Michael comes too late and is shot. All the sleepers come out with weapons to find them. Michael tells Laila she has to get away and gives her a vial of what they gave the President. Laila gives it to Simon and tells him to get through to Washington. Sophia and her troopers come upon them as Michael passes out and Laila screams at Sophia "you did this!".

Victoria and Sean go through the airport in New York, but Sean hears one of the flight stewards address the airline stewardess from their flight as "Alex". This is the courier. Her bag is the right size. Vicki and Sean crisscross the busy airport and barely follow her to the parking lot. But then a car runs them down and men from inside attack them. Alex gets in the car but Sean is pulled at gunpoint while Vicki gets the drop on her man.

Vicki has one shot to take Alex down but doesn't waver from the man holding Sean. The thug repeatedly says he'll shoot Sean if she doesn't put the weapon down. Sean screams for her to take the shot and get the case, he doesn't care. But Vicki puts down the gun as an amazed Sean watches his bloodthirsty operative fold.

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