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The Hotel Inspector. The Polizzi is Back.

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Written by : published Wednesday 4th May 2011

The Hotel Inspector. The Polizzi is Back. main image


Watch The Hotel Inspector here.



The Hotel Inspector is back for it’s seventh series on channel 5 and channel 5 HD and yes it’s better than ever. The programme has been a firm favourite of mine since it’s creation, back when Ruth Watson was at the helm. Alex Polizzi who took over the role as ‘The Hotel Inspector’ from Ruth Watson in 2008 has such a presence that the burliest of men would stand up and take note of what she says … well, demands.


Be warned though. It’s addictive viewing. I always sit down to watch every Monday at 9pm with anticipation. It isn’t so much a documentary on how to run the perfect Hotel or B&B; instead it’s evolved into a reality programme, which people just sort of connect with.  It’s easy viewing which is ideal for a Monday night.


Every episode follows the same format as amost every other programme with a round up of what’s to come. The dramatic effects such as the music and quick editing makes it seem exciting, a real thrill ride of emotions and feelings (strange for such a mundane sounding programme).


Of course most of the Hoteliers taking part (contestants as I like to call them) are deluded and blinkered to the most basic of necessities. Things such as cleaning, basic hospitality and the general condition of bedding and décor to name a few.


Inevitably with a reality programme you have hoteliers who have been deliberately picked so that they clash with Alex Polizzi, purely for entertainment of course.


Arguments are where Alex Polizzi is on top form. Her clever quips and put downs never fail to leave the owners reeling in shock and me chuckling like a child. Her accent and general persona remind me of a character from Absolutely fabulous, Patsy, but much younger and without the obvious pitfalls. Words such as “Darling” and “Sweety” always make me crack a smile. It’s humorous yet at the same time slightly insulting, which I like.


One thing though, It’s unusual that such a snobby sounding person appeals to me. I usually steer well clear of shows with upper class presenters because I feel like I’m being talked down upon. Plus most of them are talentless and just placed there because of connections they have in the industry, but enough of my little rant back to the Polizzi.


She is a firm favourite of mine and is also one of a breed of fiery women who have taken over our TV screens. Mary Portas and Ruth Watson are another 2 prominent presenters of programmes of a similar ilk. It’s nice to see these empowered women taking charge and being successful at the same time.


If I were a woman I would probably end with “Girl Power”, but I’m not so instead I’ll leave you with three simple words. “Watch the Polizzi.”


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Watch The Hotel Inspector here.







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