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Celebrity Pharmacology

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Written by : published Friday 28th January 2011

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Reminder: This is the one with the anti-drugs play.

Quick Recap: The gang is putting on a play to get a bunch of at-risk preteens to see the badness of drugs, and, of course, things go awry. Annie has been scrimping and saving, and keeping it a secret how poor she is, but Pierce sees her collecting cans from the school trash to trade for cash and shows up at her apartment with a checkbook to help her out. But then he uses his new influence to lean on Annie and get his own part of the play rewritten-- and he's playing Drugs, so that means the kids start thinking drugs are good and cool, and at the intermission are literally chanting for Drugs. Meanwhile, Shirley has been ignoring Chang and says some harsh things to him to get him to leave her alone, but when the play goes south, they need a crazy person who isn't afraid to get beat up to fix it. He takes Pierce's costume and reappears to the chanting kids and makes the point that now that you're hooked, Drugs is a different person entirely and now he controls your life. The kids have a violent reaction to that, but the play is a success because now they understand! Mission accomplished! Shirley apologizes to Chang, and he's included in their group hug when they forgive Annie for taking money and letting Pierce lean on her. She and Pierce decide to still be friends, but she's not going to take his money anymore, she's going to get a job. 

Review: One of the best parts of this show is that, even though it's a comedy, it's not at all afraid of getting really dark-- Annie, the sweetest one in the group, has a past drug problem, has been abandoned by her family, and lives above an adult store. And, of course, there's the issue of the play, that drugs, even though they kill, seem really cool until they "boil your dog and eat your brother's face". But you know what? It's still really funny. That's a hard thing to do, to walk that line between extreme seriousness and extreme bizarre silliness, and to do it right. 

This was an episode for Pierce and Annie. Everyone else hardly had anything to do other than wear weird costumes and recite parts of what looks like a really saccharine play (as would befit something created by Annie). But it was Chang who saved the day, and that's good, too. It's nice to see him proving his use to them, since the show has already proven how persistent and bizarre he is, and has already said that he'll probably get in eventually. 

Bottom line: A good episode in a consistently strong show, and a whole lot of fun.

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