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Brothers & Sisters

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Written by : published Tuesday 3rd May 2011

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Sarah confronts Brody in Fresno. Sarah tells him Nora did the DNA test and he is her father. Kitty is waiting in the car. She tells him she doesn't want anything to do with him. She says to think of her as someone that he gave up for adoption. She is happy with her birth parents.Kitty says she couldn't get on the plane fast enough.

Scotti and Kevin spoil Daniel with attention, angering Olivia. She tries to get them to take her to soccer practice. Olivia feels the attention centered on Daniel is too much to deal with. Kevin and Scotti don't notice until she creates troube at school.
Justin takes Luc's French relatives to the hotel in Pasadena. The reservation is not found. Justin sees Miss Altamorano is the manager of the hotel. Tyler is the love of Justin's life. Luc watches while Luc looks on bemused. Justin hangs around to say that he really wants her to know how much seeing her affects him and he asks her out for dinner. She says no.

Later Justin escorts the Frenchman back to the hotel as an excuse to see Tyler. Justin talks about recovery and not drinking anymore and says it's important she know what she meant to him. She says they can meet for drinks.
Nora and Saul discuss last minute wedding arrangements. Saul chides Nora for not communicating with Sarah about Brody. But then Brody shows up and Nora wants to hide. She says if she opens that door she doesnt know if she can close it again. She phones Brody from inside to say she can't talk to him per Sarah. Brody goes away.

But then Nora tells Saul that back in 1969, she told Brody when William Walker the Young Republican asked him to marry her. Brody was more interested in his old car getting fixed than dealing with her feelings. Brody gave her a pendant as a goodbye gift and they kissed. Brody didn't step up so she married Walker. Saul is shocked.
A pregnant bride, Nora gave birth to Sarah in the hospital as Mrs. William Walker. But the next day Brody finds her and tells her what really happened. Bill called Brody at baseball camp in Florida and he drove 48 hours to get to the Pasedena hospital. Both Bill and Nick Brody were type B and Nora was AB, so Bill told Brody to lie to Nora and say his blood type was O. Bill points out what kind of life could he give Sarah, and when Nick goes to Nora's hospital room he does what Bill said to do.

Sarah talks to Nora when planning the wedding dinner with Kitty. Nora has asked Brody to come over at seven o'clock. Sarah is every insistent that Nora not have anything to do with Brody. Sarah obsesses about filing for the marriage certificate and putting Brody's name or Walker's. Sarah says she needed closure and told Brody leave them all alone.


Sarah says Brody got her pregnant and disappeared why would she want to send time with someone like that.
Sarah gets Nora to talk about Brody and what she plans to do. Sarah tells Nora if her mother picked Brody over her she didn't know what she would do. Sarah whines that nobody planned her a bachelorette party. But at the rope at the club, Sarah realizes she left her ID at the clerk's office. Sarah and Kitty try get into the club where Luc's bacheor party is going on. The bouncer won't let them in.

Sarah then has a fit that she has no idea who she is. Her entire life is built on a lie. She thinks Walker left her Ojai Foods ecause he was overcompensating. She says she is not a Walker. She wouldn't even know what name to use anyway and says Kitty is not her sister. Only her half sister. Kitty (Calista Flockhart) reminds her of all the times they have been sisters.

Brody tells Nora how Walker twisted things up in his head. Both Brody and Nora are chagrined to realize Walker outsmarted both of them. He told Brody he couldn't give Sarah a proper life on the road chasing a dream. Walker said he was building a business that would be Sarah's one day.
As`a freshman in college, she approached Brody but didn't know how to tell him she was pregnant. Nora tells Brody that she told Brody she had to stay loyal to Bill because he threatened to leave her high and dry. In the flashback, Brody says to Walker that if he had done the right that day Walker would never have been there.

Nora told Brody when Sarah was born Walker was very angry with her. Brody asked Nora is she was in love with Walker and she said yes. Nora says in the present she told her husband about them because she hoped Walker would get Brody to make everything be alright). William said if Nora didn't send Brody away he wouldn't sign the birth certificate. Walker conspired against them. Brody says they can change that now, they need time, and he spends the night.
As the men decide to go to the strip club, Justin gets a text from Tyler canceling their plans. Justin meets Tyler for a drink and learns that she is married but separated. But Justin confesses he was married and divorced. She might be giving him a  chance.

But Kevin and Scotty get a text that Olivia has run away and gone back to the group home. They find her and talk to her about Daniel. Scotty says she is never to leave the house without telling them. Olivia says they don't need her anymore. But Scotty says they need Olivia to show them to be part of the family.

Saul and Sarah drink a glass of wine. She wonders if her father knew if she was his. Saul says Sarah has to talk to Sarah. Kitty says she thought Sarah would have gone to Buenos Aires and goes looking for something to eat at Saul's.

Sarah comes in the Walker house late and comes inside in the dark to see Nora and Brody curled up asleep. She is hurt, angry and stunned. Nora wakes up and and sees Sarah, but has no time to explain to her because Sarah runs out.


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