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CSI Miami-G. O. - recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 3rd May 2011

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A Miami nightclub blows a party vibe except for the man in a suit who gets ignored by the bartender and the waitresses. He walks around like he is invisible. He finally gets a drink order through from one of them but  customer barrels into her and starts a fight. Neil stands up for the waitress and pulls a punch on the man but gets decked severa times in return. The waitress tells him to go to the men's room to clean up. He says he is there to meet his brother.

Another man leaves the party to use the men's room. He sees a huge pool of blood and finds Neil standing over the victim, stunned. The man says "You killed him" and runs out. Neil blurts out no no, he didn't do it. By the time the CSI squad gets there the body and Neil are gone. Natalia Boa Vista get details from the waitress, who identifies a picture of the man from a group of driver's license pictures. CSI Horatio pulls the wife of the man Neil and his brother in for questioning. The man's brother says he was on an overseas business call and was running late.

A security camera spots Neil driving into a garage near where the waitress lives. They find a body in Neil's car. The forensics examiner determines it is a medical cadaver and not the man described from the bar death. Horatio sees that they are meant to think someone died but there is no body. The cadaver has an RFID tag and Natalia goes to check out the company it belongs to.
The corporoate HQ has a talkative receptionist who tells Natalia this dead man found  is one of the cadavers that went missing from Dade Memorial in transit. She gives Natalia a file, saying everybody else is at a birthday party but the boss is gone.

The man's wife shows Horatio a picture of their three daughters and says her husband could never be involved in anything like this. The brother says Neil was henpecked but his wife and that they were having difficulties. Horatios tells Neil's wife the fight was over a woman. The brother smirks that Neil was bar-hopping and was finally going to have a life. Neil and his brother work together. Neil told the waitress he was an accountant.
Delko goes to the waitress' apartment. Suspicious that Neil is there he asks to come in. But when Erik does he busts open a door and finds Neil. The waitress says "you can't do that". Delko makes Neil handcuff himself to the waitress who is now an accessory having aided abetted the perp. But in the elevator the car stops suddenly. The waitress says "It's them it's them" and Delko says who are "they"?

Delko uncuffs the suspects to get their help opening the door and gets to a halfway floor between the open doors, but before he can haul them out, the elevator plunges down the shaft. Delko races down the stairs expecting to find a wreck but the elevator car is intact and empty on the ground floor. Walter examines the electrical box which has a remote operation.
Horatio gets a call from Neil who is standing in front of a dead body in a hotel room. The waitress is dead on the floor. He hangs up but Tripp gets a location and they go to the Hotel Brio. The waitress has fight marks and contacts and dyed hair, and the DNA has no records. Horatio notices the door was forced open. Natalia researches the hotel bill and finds a the check-in was done under the medical company.
Natalia finds out that the Dade County hospital cadaver did not disappear en route and asks Horatio to accompany her back to the medical company. The HQ is vanished, eerything is down to the concrete. The entire place has been dismantled but Natalia finds the party hat and shredded papers in the waste bin. They reconstruct the papers at the CSO lab. They find the papers have a common credit card address.

Horatio, Delko and Natalia go to this address and walk into a large room filled with all the witnesses from the bar crime scene.  The "receptionist" is there,but now she is the CEO of a game experience, and Neil is the client. The charade game pushes all frontiers and takes players to the  next level of reality. The whole bar scene was staged. The elevator was controlled to get them out of the building. She says there is no crime because the "dead man" stands up and is clearly alive.
But Horatio tells her that the waitress is dead. Under questioning the CEO says she got a call that Neil was talking to someone on the telephone. But Neil calls Horatio desperate for answers and then hangs up. He has broken into his own house. Horatio and the CSI team arrive to talk down Neil, who is very confused and has a gun. Horatio makes Neil's brother tell him what is really going on. Neil is stunned and arrested.

Horatio hauls in the brother of Neil, who hired the game coordinator. Neil is shocked to learn the whole event was a ruse. Horatio checks out the brother's phone. He says that the waitress called him when she and Neil were in the hotel room. He says yes but it was all part of the game. Neil was losing his mojo and lied to clients about high risks investments the brother wanted the clients to make. Neil tells his brother he loves his wife and his kids and he's more of a man than his brother will ever understand.
But Horatio knows Neil talked to someone when he was under drugged sedation, and the wife is the only other person he would call. Horatio asks the wife to reveal her shoulder and she has a bruise. This was from forcing the door at the hotel. The wife confesses her husband called her and said what hotel he was at, and she could hear a woman's voice. She went to the hotel and struck the waitress, who fell and hit her head and died. This happened while Neil was asleep. The wife fled the scene of the crime.

As she is arrested, Neil panics and asks Horatio is this still part of the game? Horatio says no this is very real. He says 'Game Over".


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