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Desperate Housewives- I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday- Recap

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Written by : published Monday 2nd May 2011

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Tom hires Lynnette and Renee to redecorate his office. Lynette tries to make it homey and comfortable but Tom wants a power office. Tom shows them a picture of Donald Trump's office. It has a samurai sword dragon lamps and an intimidating desk. He wants a black marble and chrome desk. Lynnette says he'd need a phone book to sit on that desk. She asks if is going to destroy the world with a death ray.

Lynette freaks out but Renee says they'll get some pieces in over the weekend. She met the Donald in her former marriage to Doug the baseball player and she'll call his assistant. Lynette snaps at Tom that he wonders if he can pull off being "The Tom". Renee points out to Lynette that Tom is the client and that is what he wants. Lynette says she knows better.

Felicia shows up at Paul Young's when Susan is there. Susan is stunned to see her there out of jail and with Paul without violence. Felicia explains about being Beth's daughter. Susan tells the rest of the wives, who express concern  that Susan is overextending herself with Paul Young. Felicia learns Susan is cooking for Paul and stops by to poison a pot pie and brownies, using Beth's death as a sob story to get sympathy.


Felicia describes the toxin to Beth's jar of ashes.

Mike shows Susan their new raised bank balance and says they can move back into their new house. Susan's poker winnings and her insurance have allowed them to recover financially. Susan visits to check on Paul, who has no appetite and doesn't look too well.

Felicia puts antifreeze in a syringe and injects antifreeze into his potatoes and fixes a package of orange juice in Susan's basket at the market. Paul gets worse and worse. Felicia is delighted that Beth's donating her organ to Susan has allowed her access to Paul.

Bree has household pests she can't get rid of. Bree is taxed to her utmost with Gaby and the girls staying at her house. They track mud, break mirrors and eat all her gourmet food. Gaby says they are like bears and food must be tied up in a tree. The girls hit each other and Gaby polishes her nails. They break an antique plate. Gaby takes a relaxed attitude. Gaby comes home to find another disaster and starts to leave for church again when Gaby asks why. Bree says she has to some more praying to do because  apparently it isn't working.

Fairview detective Chuck Vance stops by to see the parolee Felicia. But Bree is in his car sounding the horn. She can't get out of the driveway because his car is blocking her way. Her high-handed attitude gets her in trouble when he reveals he is a policeman. Bree jokes about borrowing his gun and shooting the two girls and Vance doesn't take it lightly. He threatens charges. He drives away, saying he was joking.

Next day Bree takes control after one too many tantrums and the out of control children drive her mad. Gaby chortles to Bree's superior attitude. Bree takes a strong approach. But when the girls go home to see Carlos he tells the older daughter about Bree's involvement with their grandmother's death. Carlos says they will be separated as long as she is friends with Bree.

Juanita asks Carlos a direct question about why Carlos isn't talking to Gaby. Caught being evasive, Carlos sits her down and talks to her.  Juanita tells Celia that Bree killed Grandma. The girls show a changed atttude the next day at Bree's, wearing aprons to cook and following all of Bree's strict house rules. Gaby is astounded and a little horrified. She tempts Juanita with a cupcake but Juanita won't budge. The girls behave like little robots. Bree smugly directs the children around the house. Gaby asks "How did she break you?"

That night Bree checks in on the sleeping girls and picks a pillow up off the floor. Juanita wakes up to see Bree in the dark, bending over her with a pillow. Both girls jump up and run screaming to the other room and lock the door. Gaby and Bree puzzle over the situation when Vance comes to the door because Carlos called 911. Vance sees Bree at the door and says maybe she found the gun after all. Vance comes downstairs later and says the girls are pretty sure Bree killed grandmother Solis.

Carlos shows up at the house and explains away what Juanita said to the policeman. When Vance leaves Carlos says it was to protect Andrew, who was just sixteen when it all happened. Bree walks Vance to his car. He says he was at the dispatch when the 911 call came in and knew the address and volunteered. Vance gives Bree the eye and gives her his card. He pretends like it's about Felicia but he says maybe call him anyway. Bree says she never has a clue what he's saying and Vance says he's a detective. He finds clues doesn't give them. He says "Goodnight Citizen!" and leaves.

Lynette cancels Renee's plan to follow Tom''s orders and does the office the way she thinks it should be done. But at the launch, Tom says he loves the office. A smug Lynette walks in to see her plans were counter-countermanded by Renee. Tom is over the moon about his power office. Renee meets her accusatory statements with proof the customer is always right. Renee says Lynnette has a problem accepting who Tom is now. Tom also emphasizes this when Lynnette tells him he really doesn't want this "master of the universe'  office.

Tom blows up at Lynnette. He says he needs an intimidating office at Morris Industries for all the young sharks trying to take his job. He needs a power CEO office to scare the gunslingers. He thought Lynette got his master of the universe vibe and was happy for him. She was designing an office for the "loser" Tom. He asks why is she so threatened and when is she going to accept who he is now? He thought she was finally proud of him. His mistake. Tom cuts off their conversation and takes a business call, letting Lynnette see herself out.

Felicia stops by Susan's and poisons the brownies. Felicia puts the poison in them but then Susan asks her to taste one because she mixed the batter. Susan says she can't eat them because they have nuts and she's allergic. When Felicia declines, Susan says they must be horrible and she'll throw them out.
Felicia haltingly eats a small bite, knowing its' poisoned. She explains she is on a special diet. Then to convince Susan she eats more and declines any milk to wash it down with. She says she has to leave to buy a new purse, but Susan asks what's wrong with the one she has? Felicia then goes away and vomits into her purse. Later Felicia goes to the dumpster and throws away the purse, accidentally leaving her keys in it.

Susan takes the brownies over to Paul, who isn't hungry and feels out of sorts. Susan broaches the idea of him moving out but he reacts explosively. He throws her out of the house, accusing her TLC scheme of being a planned conspiracy to get him to go. Hurt and confused, Susan leaves as an angry Paul watches from through the curtains. Then Paul has an attack and drops to the floor, unable to reach the phone.


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