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A Royal Gypsy Wedding - Review

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Written by : published Monday 2nd May 2011

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Watch My Big Fat Royal Gypsy Wedding here.


Over 2 billion people tuned in to their TV sets around the world to watch the Royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton on the 29th April. You probably will have seen (and for some, sick of the sight of!) all the Royal Wedding specials of programmes during the lead up to the big day. But one of these you certainly didn’t want to miss was ‘My Big Fat Royal Gypsy Wedding’, Channel 4, which showed a completely different world and insight to what a traveller's wedding is like. But does it really compare to the Royal Wedding?

It was the turn of Mary, 23 to tie the knot in only the way that she could ever dream of. The series of ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings’ have showed audiences a completely different world to what we live in, and showed us a traveller's way of life and how to hold a wedding – traveller's style. With huge dresses, all competing with others, more colours than you can find in a skittles packet and what looks like a year’s supply worth of wedding cake to feast your eyes upon. And this episode did not disappoint in those areas at all!

However, this episode came with a slight twist. Dressmaker Thelma had to organise and arrange the whole wedding – in just 3 weeks! After venues cancelling and refusing to hold the reception, the final decision was for the flamboyant wedding to be held at a dog’s rescue centre. Impressive.

The dresses never fail to make an entrance at these weddings, as we see through the programme. Mary’s dress was revealed to be as huge as the wedding itself, at 18ft long and 11ft wide with a 17ft train following. And not forgetting the 40,000 hand sewn on crystals which made it shimmer around like a giant disco ball. Phew! As for the traditional traveller mini brides, each carried 1 mile of fabric in their dresses which mimicked the bride’s dress identically. The cost still does and will always remain a secret.

Overall, this programme definitely showed an interesting take on one traveller girl's wedding. Does it compare to the real Royal Wedding? I’m afraid not. And I doubt it will have reached the staggering 2 billion views that Wills and Kate brought in... but I would have your sunglasses at the ready before watching this! With all the glitter, sparkles, lights and bright colours... it’s rather overwhelming!


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