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Friday Night Light-the Right Hand of the father-recap

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Written by : published Monday 2nd May 2011

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After Coach Taylor wrote "State" on the board the team won the game. A raucous crowd converges at Buddy's. The band plays and the players watch the game replay on the big screen TV. Buddy Garrity tells the crowd that the game balls will be placed with the game scores in the trophy case.

Vince learns from his mother his father is getting out of prison. His mother wants him to come with her to get him and he is not happy. After all night partying he just wants to sleep. He tells her he is not staying with them. Later he comes in and his father is in the home having dinner with them and his suitcase is there. Vince rejects his father being there and leaves.

At college Julie Tayor struggles with her grades. Her teaching assistant pushes her to take chances...he gives her a C+ on a paper. He says Professor Nevins holds weekly salons for promising students. Julie sneaks alcohol at a party including teachers.

Back in East Dillon, a Rally Girl initiation party gets out of hand and a drunk girl gets videotaped in a bar. The video goes viral on YouTube and Levi, the principal calls Tami and Coach Eric Taylor in to see it because the football players are involved. Levi points out Tinker, Cafferty and Vince Howard. Taylor says that not all the boys are football players and he needs to get to the bottom of it.

Levi says the parents wants the football players suspended. Taylor halts suspensions until he can find out what happened. Tami and Eric express dismay at how extreme the problem is and how many people have watched the video.

Garrity celebrated the victory but hears from his ex-wife Pam that their son Buddy Junior has bad grades and is partying hard and using drugs. Tami watches the girls ignore the speaker that visits about alcohol abuse. Tami interviews the girl on  the drunk puppet girl video. She thinks it is a joke. Tami mentions that when she goes to a party she tries to stay awake it's a lot more fun.

Coach Taylor watches a sloppy practice and yells at the players about a higher standard. He screams about the video while players are pushed to maximum. Taylor says the video was damn shameful. He says if they acts like a bunch of thugs the standard is lowered. he says for every player to look him in the eye and if they break the standard they are off the team.

Vince comes home to hear his mother laughing with her father. His father calls him little.  Vince's mother keeps calling him baby. Vince is awkward and unhappy to see him. Vince's mother pretends like nothing ever changed. At the salon Julie learns that the teaching assistant Derek Bishop has a wife who is very accomplished. The boys her age and other men are very pretentious and out of her league. Julie is not making friends and very isolated.

Tami tells the girls the video is awful. Some of the girls don't bother to pay attention. Jess tells Tami she would love to be equipment manager for the team. Taylor says that Billy is doing the equipment but Jess gets the job. Tami says they need to bring the school out of the fifties. When Jess starts her equipment manager job she starts picking up the laundry and being in the dressing rooms bothers him. The other teachers tease Vince.

When Tami later finds the video student with  boy in the supply closet, she tells her everyone will know soon and her reputation won't end there. Tami points out that the girl's choices have consequences.

Taylor gets harsh with the team. He says the team is being watched. No more jerseys on game day. Coats and ties. The East Dillon Lions team groans but Taylor is wearing dark glasses and says "You better say it like you mean it". Taylor also orders community outreach. The team is doing the coat and tie scene in the community but Vince sees the team to bounce leaves. Cafferty asks Vince to tell everyone to come back but he leaves.

Taylor and Garrity bond over drinks. Buddy confides to Taylor is a pothead at fifteen. Buddy says he was such a poor influence she got the kids and now Pam is crying to him. Buddy is fifteen hundred miles away. Eric Taylor says they are both fathers and they know it isn't easy. Coach Taylor says perhaps this is an opportunity to get to know his son.

Julie learns her TA has a wife on sabbattical in Boston. She asks her teaching assistant why he doesn't wear a wedding ring. After a drinks party they go for a walk. He overshares and says he has had too much to drink. He says his wife has been gone for six months on sabbatical. Julie watches him unable to walk away and says "You know what you said about taking chances?".

Vince walks home on game day and his father comes up on him with a borrowed car. He says he went to the school to get tickets to the game and Vince is upset he went to the school. Vince won't get in the car. Vince's father says his mother says he is Superman on the field. That night Vince's father corrects Vince about how long his tie should be and Vince asks did he learn that in the joint. Vince's mother tries to intervene and Vince' father says no, they'll have it out.

The father says if Vince is the man of the house then they can settle this. They come face to face. Vince says to his father's face the man of the house doesn't leave the family. Vince leaves, telling his father not to come to the game. His mother chases him down the stairs. Vince says what happens when the father goes back to his old criminal ways. She begs for Vince to give him another chance.

As Vince and the other players walk in to the locker room in coats and ties, the various families and friends are there to support the players. Vince looks around warily for his father. Vince gets called into the coach's office before the game. Taylor asks why he left the grocery store early. Vince is very tense and spouts about the new rules and Jess in the locker room and blows up. Taylor asks him to close the door.

Eric Taylor reminds Vince the first time he met him he was climbing out of the back of the police car. He says a lot of people still think Vince isn't worth much. Vince says he works hard for everything he's got and Taylor acknowledes this. Vince confides in the coach and says he can't stand his father. Vince pounds the desk in front of Taylor and the other coach looks in the door in alarm.

Vince explodes due to the pressure and tells Taylor about his father being out of prison and his mother asking for another chance. His mother wants him to be better, his father wants him to be better, but his father wasn't around to show him how to be better. Coach Taylor says he doesn't expect Vince to be better but to try. He says the character is in the trying. Taylor gives Vince some time to collect himself.

Julie wakes up in bed with the teaching assistant next day, in his apartment. She sneaks out of bed without waking him and gets out of there. Later she looks up when studying in the library as he says how is she. He says he's really sorry it happened and it wasn't a good idea. He's a teacher and she is a student, and that it shouldn't have happened. Julie is a little surprised and stunned.

During the game, the East Dillon Lions rage against the Dragons, QB Vince plays like a man possessed. The score is tight and Vince is carrying the team. The announcer calls him Superman. Vince looks for his father but sees only his mother joyously cheering in the stands. His father is on the sidelines watching Vince weave and connects and score in a blur. The man relaxes in wonder and watches as Vince dodges attackers and throws nailed passes. The crowd goes wild.
Then East Dillon wins and the announcer calls the the star QB Vince "get the hell outta my way" Howard . Vince's father watches as Coach Taylor meets up with Vince after the whistle blows for an embrace. Taylor tells Vince "That's character!". Vince's face is animated and excited, and the connection to the coach is unmistakeable. Vince looks smiling and happy, which Vince's father has not seen since he came back. It's a reality check.

The crowd chants "3 and 0, East Side!" at Garrity's. The party is for the team, dry, no drunk Rally girls, and all the players wear polo shirts. Alcohol is not in evidence. The game ball goes into the trophy case. Vince conducts the party, and Garrity watches the new Vince Howard, mature, smiling and confident in the spotlight. Buddy then makes a call in the back to his ex-wife Pam. He says it's time for his son to come back home. Pam is grateful and thanks him.

Vince goes home to find his father packing his suitcase. His father says he knows how much of Vince's life he missed. He admits he did some bad stuff and he'll never get the time back. He says Vince is 17 and better than he ever was.

Vince's father says he was right, he's the man of the house, and at the game watching his son, for the first time in his life, he knew what pride felt like. He says "You the man for real, leapin over players in single bound". Vince is touched.

As Vince's father leaves Vince asks where will he be, and he says around. Vince looks unsure.


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