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Fringe- The Last Sam Weiss- Recap

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Written by : published Sunday 1st May 2011

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Astrid tempts Bishop away from Peter's hospital bedside to eat. Walter doesn't know the other universe is only using half Peter's DNA from the baby.
Scene: a midWest road with cars driving, the blue-purple magnetism in the sky. Riders On the Storm (by the Doors) plays as Nate sees the hairs on his arm rise in a sine wave, and then a shock hits the car. Suddenly the electrical storms starts bolting again and again. This happens all over. Ugly mass burn casualties start crowding the hospitals. The spontaneous dry lightning storm is a Fringe event.

Olivia and the  last Sam Weiss work to discover the machine's secret. Sam Weiss says he is the eighth Sam Weiss, each one successively gifted with the knowledge of the machine. Generations of knowledge have been bestowed on him. Meanwhile Peter wakes up in the hospital. The burn victims distract the staff. He wanders around in a confused state and can't remember his name, and walks out of the hospital.

Walter is angry at God. Astrid quotes "God helps those who help themselves" from Poor Richard's almanac. Bishop is thrilled to connect the freak storm with the science of lightning from Benjamin Franklin, and runs to get his kite. He says lightning does strike twice as he gets zapped again and again. Since lightning striking twice in the same place is supposed to be rare, they gather information regarding where the storms ae happening.

With the data from modeling the electrical wave frequency and strength of the lightning, they pinpoint a range between the machine and Liberty Island. Walter maps the coordinates between the two locations and says to isolate the damage they have to take the machine to the Statue of Liberty. Meanwhile Peter gets in a cab and asks to be taken to New York.

Weiss isn't prepared for a machine malfunction scenario. Walter thinks the machine is quantum tangled creating a force field, like between two magnets. Weiss says the machine is hot wired but they can't figure out how. Only Peter can operate it.  Sam Weiss says the unpublished pages describe a box with a key that will pry the force field open. Weiss gets the manuscript. The timeline isn't right. Weiss thinks it will course correct on its own. Olivia uses force to get him to take the next step.

They go to the museum and get to the Native American wing, with bolts of lightning falling constantly. Weiss identifies the relic from the manuscript. Weiss sees the security fence coming down and bowls a larger amphora into falling over and stopping the gate. Weiss can't open the box but when Olivia takes the key it snaps open. A drawing of Olivia is revealed, with notations. They bring it to Walter to figure out.

Walter funnels the paper into a roll, and displays sine waves coming from Olivia's head.Walter realizes Olivia must use telekinesis to operate the machine and must also reach the machine in the other universe from the present one mentally to turn it off. Walter sets up the typewriter for   Olivia to practice on but she can't make it work.
Peter is discovered missing from the hospital room. They discover he used his credit card to go to New York and to buy a rare coin. Peter wanders into a pawnshop and finds a fifty cent piece. He gets to Liberty Island as it is closing. He tells a security guard his father is Secretary of Defense. The lab rushes to where the machine and Peter are.
When Peter sees Olivia and Walter the smoke starts to clear. Peter must go through the machine again, and Olivia discusses her failed try at controlling anything mentally. But as she talks to Peter back at the lab Astrid hears the typewriter start typing. Olivia then concentrates and stops the machine, and Peter is with her. The electricity vacuum stops. Olivia tells Peter she loves him. Peter gets in the machine and activates it.

Next thing he is on the ground outside during military battle. Smoke, bonfires, tanks, its' a war zone. Dazed and injured, he stands to see a carved dedication to September 11, 2011 and September 11, 2121, A soldiers calls out to him "Agent Bishop, Agent Bishop". Peter turns to see the completed Ground Zero tower fully rebuilt. He's in the future but before he passes out he is confused to see a Fringe division patch on one of the warriors.


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