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Gossip Girl -Petty in Pink -Recap

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Written by : published Sunday 1st May 2011

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Blair gave her shoe to Prince Louis and he has landed back in Manhattan on a  secret trip to get to know her better. Blair tells Louis that Chuck and her are over.  Blair emergency texts her assistants to take notes in class for her. She doesn't tell them who her date is with and they guess Dan. They text the Gossip Girl blog and the item about a mystery date that "B" has goes viral.

Dan gets hired by Paris Match to write up what the Prince does in Manhattan and tracks him to a NYU hangout where Blair wouldn't be caught dead. Bair has to go undercover because the prince is not officially in New York and his family do not approve of Blair. Dan feels like a sleazy paparazzi. The Upper East Side princess Blair goes on an undercover date with Prince Louis. Dan declines having anything to do with Vanessa.

Lily has been shopping online for clothing that does not show off her house arrest bracelet. The gift bags for the pink party are expected at Lily's but she gets blown off because of her arrest and the scandal. Charlotte tracks Dan to the coffee house Vesulka for perogis and sees him go in. Blair storms at Dan and makes him leave. Dan considers Blair being the date a conflict of interest.

Serena got a call from Vanessa about Dan and Blair kissing. But Serena isn't sure what to believe and shows Charlotte the Gossip Girl spotter to find her. Serena can explain the items mentioning Blair and Dan. Charlotte tracks Dan to the coffee bar where Prince Louis is waiting for Blair. When Dan sees Blair is the prince's date he quits the assignment.


Serena gets word from Charlotte that both Blair and Dan are in the coffeehouse nobody in their crowd hangs at.
Serena arrives at the coffeehouse to show up Dan and Blair but is delighted to see the Prince instead. Blair calls Dan to tell him that Louis has a social manager who is the one that hired him. It was really a spy job to keep track of what the prince is doing. Dan makes an effort with Vanessa and calls her to make plans for later.

 A disgusted Dan protects Blair. But Charlotte is sure she is right and tracks Dan while speaks with Blair. They try to forge a staged kiss to throw his social secretary off track. Lucien the royal advisor has informed Prince Louis' parents. Blair is a commoner. Blair organizes a nice suit for Dan and preps him for the Pink party. Prince Louis is upset his plan to date Blair is ruined.

Blair doesn't worry about what Serena will think because the pink party is at a hotel. Lily meanwhile has been shunned by the Pink committee and since she can't leave the house the party at the Trumps is no-go. The gift bag event is canceled and Lily's friend tels her she is persona no  grata but to send the food. Stepfather and son feel Lily's pain and make a donation big enough to move the party to Lily's penthouse apartment.

Chuck feels for Raina and her crisis knowing about her mother. He happens upon the birth certificate Raina has and talks to his private investigator. Raina's mother's name is Avery Thorpe. They travel to where she is and ask her but she says she has never had children. Raina is hurt and does not want to pursue the matter. Meanwhile Chuck's detective comes with the tastes of what happened the night the building burned down with Avery Thorpe in it.
Blair blackmails someone on the committee to help the Pink party arrive at Lily's when Charlotte emails a picture of Dan and Blair shopping at Paul Smith. Someone named Bubbles on the commitee tried to kiss Blair last year, her brother points out.

At the Pink party, Blair is conspicuous to arrive without the prince. This looks to Serena like she is with Dan. Serena sends Charlotte to flirt with Dan, which angers Blair. She comes over and hints to Dan that they are supposed to look like they are together. Lucien arrives to check up on Prince Louis and Blair and Dan go upstairs. Serena is suspicious. Lucien is convinced but Charlotte put the kiss on Gossip Girl website and Blair goes downstairs to a host of Twitters. Everyone in the room watches the "private" kiss.

Serena confronts the guilty couple. Serena goes ballistic when Blair and Dan come clean, they are friends. But when Dan leave Blair accuses Serena that she really is upset at being upstaged. In the limo to the airport the Prince is ready to commit to Blair but is she ready? She says yes and they emerge from the limo to the paparazzi and kiss.

Meanwhile Charlotte comes by Dan's and tells him what she did. When Dan finds out Vanessa told Serena about the kiss he is livid. Charlotte eyes his sister's old room while he answers the door to Vanessa. He says once and for all they are not friends. But Charlotte tells Dan she saw the kiss, he does have feelings for Blair. Serena ends up calling a friend back in Paris to reconnect, possibly as a revenge on Blair.


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