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Bones- The Pinocchio in the Planter -Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 30th April 2011

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A peeping boy at a community center falls into the planter and finds a decomposing skeleton in his grasp. The victim is Ross Dixon, a former ad executive. Worms crawling through the dirt show the victim has been dead three days. Hodgins comes to work on the dirt but is irritated he can't get his wife on the phone. Sweets and Mrs. Hodgins have a breakfast and discuss issues in the relationship.
The remains are directly next to a new playground. The key to a new car is found near the grass in the planter. Angela sends in the encrypted smart key. Hodgins finds a hookworm and dangles it to Booth's disgust. Brennan says his defecation was parasite infested. Hodgins says the secret is in the soil.
Brahe and Brennan examine the skeleton wound, the victim has been bludgeoned. Severe bunt force trauma is found. Wendell is looking for another job and Brennan suggests Brahe ask Cam for internship hours. The open fracture shows debris, the weapon came in contact with the bone. Hodgins is earmarked for the microsized chips. Wendell goes to Cam saroyan for the job and irritates her instead. He says because he has an economic need he should get the job. She says she'll be dividing the extra hours between the staff.
Titanium is found in the wound and bone remains. They decide a  titanium implant must have been in the body. The smart key identifies a man with divorce, grown kids, lives alone. Booth and Sweets go to his residence. The ad man worked at Francusi & Chess, has a beautiful house with a sophisticated ad portfolio. One of his ad campaigns had a bad recall. But there is a video of his boss Nicole Francusi breaking his nose with one of the many awards he won.
She assaulted him, she tells Agent Booth. She filed a lawsuit against him for ruining her business. But she didn't kill him. Nicole Francusi says lots of people hit him, in fact the lab finds evidence of four nasal fractures in the last year. Broken eye sockets, and multiple assaults are on the record. Francusi says a lot of people hit him because one day he turned into a jerk. He insulted the clients and lost the agency six clients.

Dixon joined an honesty telling cult after a child choked on one of the toys the ad agency sponsored. The honesty policy group advocates radical honesty. Sweet says they are very aggressive and cause a lot of trouble. Sweet points out that white lies save hurt feelings and accuses Booth of telling Brennan lies. Temperance's forthright honesty demands truth at all times. Booth says he'll tell her a truth after the case.

Hodgkins' wife Angela complains to Sweets that her husband is overly underfoot. Hodgkins flips out when she won't answer her phone. Hodgkins confront Sweets who says something is bothering her. Hodgkins confront with wife with total honesty. She says that his smothering doesn't help her cope with her fears about the baby and the disease it might be carrying.

Temperence doesn't understand how white lies make the world go around. Brahe tells her she can be very abrasive. The honesty group is hosted by an attorney who asks them to join. Brennan is surprised to see honest lawyer. A clown comes in and insults everyone. He says he was the last one to Dixon and gets brought in for questioning. The man is very irritating. The clown ends up being a bail jumper but has an alibi with a prostitute.

Brennan has a computerized intelligent parking function on her car, it parks hands-free. The honesty group has a clown which scares Booth. The clown is very loud and obnoxious. The attorney makes Booth confess a secret. He says when he as no clean underwear he goes commando. The clown confesses he has a warrant and they bring him in.
Hodgins puzzles how a titanium weapon could be heavy enough to bludgeon the victim. Hodgins uses magnetic gloves to find titanium inside the remains. The lab finds a bone fragment made of carbonized wood, an experimental type of implant. Saroyan hires Brahe for the internship. But Brahe gets the honesty bug and prods Hodgins into revealing he planned Wendell's murder when he and Angela were dating.

The victim's stomach has ingredients of truffle pizza. Only one restaurant in Washington D.C. serve truffle pizza. Dixon got into a fight with a waiter, Hinkle. The son of Dixon works at the restaurant and says his father cut off his college tuition. The honesty cult was a weird thing. Hinkle said he went by the house the night Dixon was killed but there was  car in the driveway. Dixon had come to the restaurant to apologize for saying so many hurtful things. The son saw a woman at Dixon's house with a neck brace, arguing  in the doorway and a red bashed in car.

Dorothy Emmerich is the woman in the brace driving the red car. Booth and Temperance Brennan question the woman, part of the Honesty group. When they ask her about her part in the murder she asks to speak to a lawyer. Burt Iversen the attorney from the honesty group represents Dorothy. They claim she couldn't have killed the dead man because she has a spine fracture. Brennan asks for the X-ray for confirmation.

Sweets gets confronted by Hodgins and tells a white lie about Angela's issue with him. Brahe speaks too honesty and boss Cam Saroyan bans all honesty in the lab. Brennan tells Saroyan he was upset afterwards because he thought he had hurt her feelings. Angela and Hodgins have it out over his overcompensating. The baby could have Lieber Congenitalosis. Angela and Hodgins check out the playground and find titanium in the paint used on the jungle gym. It was assembled days before.

Brennan checks out the X-ray of the woman in the red car. The neck is wrong. The x-ray is of a Caucasian woman and Emmerich is African American. Cam comments that the honest lawyer lied to the FBI.

Booth confronts Iverson who wants the X-ray back for court. Booth produce a rap sheet of all injury cases from the court. It's a false injury lawsuit scam. Dorothy faked an accident injury from a fender bender with Ross, and Iverson threatened that Dixon would get sued. Dorothy and Dixon were having an affair.

Hodgins gets the playground unconstructed. Booth and Brennan collar the lawyer. They show him the pipe conduit from the playground jungle gym. He wiped it clean but the inside had fingerprints. He had to leave the piece or the monkey bars wouldn't have been able to be assembled. Booth comments there is no such thing as an honest lawyer.

Booth confesses to Temperance that it meant a lot to him that she was there for him emotionally during his breakup with his girlfriend Hannah. Bones says that some thigns are better left unsaid. Booth and Brennan drink to the things they don't say. Booth remarks with satisfaction the clown is off the street, too.


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